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Dragon got it handled so far….

Got the last bit in and I’ll have to tackle cashing the check from school tomorrow. Then I’ll be able to hand off a check to the landlord and that’s done.

My advisor said I don’t have to pay for my stuff, but I still want to. I do still want to keep the regalia. Who knows….

I’m going to try tackling the dirndl before Sunday. I’ll need a minor miracle to pull this off. Certain things have changed since I last made one…. washing all my fabrics now. But using the full lining of the bodice will help with altering the fit. Before I cut into my precious bare minimum of purple linen.The skirt will be super short, but it’s all I have. Even if I could get more, the dye coloring wouldn’t be the same…. I’ll make it work…

Ideally, I’d love to have traditional tracht shoes, but damn, those things are not cheap, so I’ll just wear something I already have.


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Bored Dragon Has Other Things To Do…

… and yet, here I am blogging again. I got the check from school. Then, because my brain apparently has decided it can’t do basic arithmetic anymore, I had to use the calculator to figure out how much was needed to cover rent and the late fee: $12 and some change. Now, there’s also the fees to Western Union for making the money orders (they max at 500, so I have to get two of them) and funds to make a small purchase (usually a candy bar or similar, although I’d love to get more milk, eggs, and veggies, but they cost more than a candy bar… sad state of the food industry when it’s cheaper to buy a freaking candy bar or two than it is to get veggies… but I digress). So, $20 is a good cushion.

Yes, I also still need to get my stuff for graduation… that’s on the 14th.

Rent deadline is the 12th… this Friday.

My plan for weeks now has been to make a dirndl to wear under my gown… but the bodice is a fitted piece and I don’t see myself having the time and patience this week to make it. Maybe I’ll get a burst of energy and such to tackle it. I also don’t have the apron fabric…. so that’s an issue. Not sure what I’ll wear if I don’t make it. We’ll see….



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Unknowingly Zombie Dragon

Well, that was interesting…. I guess I was so out of it with school stuff I didn’t notice any emails or indication that a certain friend sent a large chunk of funds on Friday for rent. Hopefully the check from school will arrive today. I wish they would direct deposit it like my school loan funds normally do… much faster that way, but they are in Kansas (sorry to any friends or readers from there… but damn, that state has some back-asswards stuff going on).

I was so focused on trying to cram all the stuff for my class into a few days that I never saw an email. And this person (I know you’ll see this) never said a word…. I even checked my emails… nothing… which is so bizarre.

All that said… once the check arrives (and to the friend who sent the funds, you’ve done enough…) I’ll have enough to cover rent, but not the late fee or my regalia for graduation. Late fee is $50 and regalia is $60 (actually, the announcements I ordered are 10 and the regalia is 50, but all lumped together… you get the idea). Once said check arrives, I’ll have 783 (rent is 745, although going up next month to 750… hey, I’ve been here seven years, I think the total increases have been less than $40, so really good). I’m close…. so very close… but please don’t use GFM if anyone sends anything… for some reason, just because I switched to a new campaign and deleted most of the others, they needed all my info again… so the $13-ish bucks I’m getting out of that one donation won’t show up for a while…

Almost there….

And since I’ve been in Zombie Mode the last several days, I’m not sure if I mentioned that I got a reprieve from my professor. I have the next couple or so weeks (3 as of Sunday, so a little less now) to finish as much as I can.


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Dragon Waves the White Flag

I’ve asked for an Incomplete so I can try focusing on my assignments. The brain fog I’ve mentioned recently has a stranglehold on me. The stress I’ve been under for so long has finally slammed me to the ground. I’m hoping for at least one week, if not two or so, to take some time and finish my work. I may need extra work to get up to a B-. I wish I knew the answers and could fix/clear up said brain fog.

Still need to tackle the work and deal with rent… and impending graduation.

I’ll be back with another post later…. I’m just really out of it right now.

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Panicky Dragon #crowdfunding #techHell

This is getting too close for comfort for rent. Any advice is appreciated for #crowdfunding. Need to get rent handled asap. 

Woke this morning to my main machine acting up pretty badly. I just restarted it and hopefully it’ll behave. I need to get school stuff done. Today. Can’t access the remote server for the project from the chromebook. Acer can go suck a dick as far as I’m concerned. Shitty computers. 



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Tired Dragon (still #crowdfunding of course)

I got two more assignments in tonight. Four is confuzzling me tonight. Will start fresh in the morning… hopefully. Please share the posts or GFM as rent needs to get paid. 

My mood went sideways earlier this evening due to something I won’t discuss here. When I’m stressed out, the last thing that anyone should try is pulling any kind of snark or ‘tude (not what set me off, but happened later). It pushes me off the cliff into full bitch Dragon. I don’t need the distraction of bs this weekend. I keep returning to fb to clear my head when I’m frustrated. 

Tomorrow is my last day to turn things in. So, yes, I’m stressed out. Add needing rent funds to that and if someone decides to push my buttons, I cease being able to focus. 

No button pushing, please. No snark either. Thank you.


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Sick of Dragon yet? (#gradschool & #crowdfunding)

I’m taking a short mental break from tackling assignments and I’m going to write about my experiences as well as the #crowdfunding thing.

Grad School: I’m a lot like the Little Engine That Could. I wasn’t expected to complete high school, let alone do ANY college. Here I am nearing the finish line of my Master’s Degree (the top of the mountain), and I’m running out of steam. The stress for me has been more than what might be considered normal. I lost my dad in my first semester of this program. Being enveloped by the dense fog of grief has made school, and focusing on it, difficult. If the past two years were a book, it would be the “fish out of water” story. I’ve never felt I belonged. But I’ve made it this far.

The problem right now is that the fog got worse again this summer. For no reason I can think of other than possibly sheer exhaustion from stress of being unemployed on top of school. Things I could rely upon, such as my food stamps, were gone. Many of my friends who normally are there to back me up if my other attempts to raise funds fell through have little -if any more- to give. So my stress levels increased. Weeks passed and I felt like I was forgetting things, and I was. My assignments. Every time I looked at one, I felt like I was trying to read a completely foreign language. I’m now tackling them, in the final weekend before grades are due. I need to get a B-, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to. I have two assignment left, and the project. I’ll tackle the project tomorrow, but try to get the assignments tonight. One looks okay, the other? Again, a foreign language.

In order for me to get close to a B-, I also need to go back and do some of the discussions. They’re worth a large chunk of the grade. Again, this is why I feel I won’t make it. I want to curl up in a ball and make things go away… but I know that won’t make things any better.

Crowdfunding: I see many clicks and some likes, but very few who follow through to the methods of donation. I get it if you can’t donate, but if you can share it on your Twitter or FB or somewhere…. the more people see it, the more chances I have of making rent. Any and all help is appreciated. Seriously. And this is the last month this will happen.


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ADD Dragon (want to do all the things like #crowdfunding)

So, as previously posted… I need to do lots of school things this weekend…. yet my ADD Brain is all over the place.

“Need to fix shit in iTunes!”

“Need to go set up table in bedroom so I can organize things in there!”

“Need to go get chocolate!”

“Need to put books back up on shelves!”

“Need to do the cucumber salad thing!!”


You get the idea. These are all things I can do NEXT week… after class stuff is done, but ADD Brain is getting in the way. The only thing that can’t really wait is the last one. Those cukes won’t stay fresh forever.

Plus staying on top of crowdfunding. I can’t let that slide for too long. They’ll only put up with my bullshit for so long…. rent needs to get paid ASAP.

But I need to focus on school stuff… and my ADD isn’t helping any. No, I’m not medicated. In many things in my life, I’ve managed to find ways to work WITH my ADD…. but this weekend? Nope.

Okay…. gonna try getting back on this stuff. I’ll check back in later…


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Distracted Dragon (and still #crowdfunding)

#crowdfunding for #rent still… but also tackling classwork.

Trying to find albums for a new playlist in iTunes (keep in mind I have over 1K CD’s ripped into it and a few hundred more I haven’t ripped yet), and with genres all messed up, I’m getting distracted.

“No, that is not Punk, that’s classic R&R. Chuck Berry was not Punk. WTF, iTunes?”

“Why is that in Pop when it’s World music?”

Me and iTunes are gonna have a little CHAT when I get past this school stuff.

Right now I have some Big Band music playing (other half-dead computer is hooked up to the stereo…. I’m a geek like that).

So, late start today…. not able to sleep until after 2am… AGAIN. I’m getting going, though. I have actually been up for a few hours…

Goals today: Get two assignments done and start on project. I managed to get one done last night… that was it. I could’ve gotten the third one down last night, but I couldn’t think straight. But I’m ready to tackle it.



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Bashful Dragon 

Geez, guys…you seem to love my dragon posts so much, I almost wish I could change the url. I can’t, though.

I thought penguins were supposed to be cute and popular… and yet… Dragon wins out. What, my grumpiness doesn’t scare you away? 😉