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Dragon Crash Landing (#crowdfunding and #life)

As I said in my last post, I’m pretty burned out right now. I have a lot of stuff to get through in the next two days on top of getting money for rent.

I kinda crashed and burned earlier, after my last post. See, I really shouldn’t have much caffeine, but some days I do. I know may college students at different stages of their education who rely heavily on caffeine. Due to my own body chemistry, I can’t drink much of it because it has the opposite effect on me. It tires me out… I don’t get the wired up feeling most others get. It can actually, if I drink it too much and too often, make my thyroid numbers go borderline hyperthyroid. Last time it was checked, I was back closer to the middle of the normal range. It also messes with other medical stuff. So it’s a treat.

Without caffeine, though, I still feel ‘bleh’ and groggy. It’s a no win situation. But somehow, I need to get through the next couple of days and finish as much school work as possible. All while keeping my head clear (again, problematic due to a number of factors) and still figuring out where the rest of my rent money will come from. There will be a late fee for rent… Another $50.

So, with sharing posts and any donations people can possibly do, I would ask for folks to light candles to help me clear whatever is in the way…. pray to whomever you may pray to. But prayer and candles aren’t enough. At the very least, please share my posts with your own circles of friends and acquaintances. I’m almost out of the woods. Just one more round….


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#crowdfunding for Creative Dragons

I’ve been inundating my social media with personal #crowdfunding pleas. And I still need help. Rent is due and I don’t have what I need for August. I’ll gt $250 early next week, but rent is 745 and I need to pay for my graduation stuff as well. So, please still share my GFM and blog posts…. I can’t rely on just one or two people to help this month. Share even if you can’t donate. 

But I want to switch gears a bit. As my personal campaigns are finally tapering off (last one for now, I swear!!!), I want to switch to the other ones and start building those up.

I have this little “in name only” small press (using a POD like Createspace to do the printing) I’m starting up. I’ve mentioned it before. I have two projects to start it with, but need crowdfunding campaigns for each of them.

  1. My father was an amazing person and photographer. My brother, who lives 600 miles away, is holding dad’s negatives, cameras, a few of our mother’s things, and some other family heirlooms my brother set aside knowing I’d appreciate them*. The project in question is the following: Rent an RV (small one), drive down like I’m taking a mini vacation/road trip; reach his house, load up all the stuff from our parents, including the minimum of three boxes of slides and negatives of our father’s work from the 50’s and 60’s. Several format sizes. Then I’d bring them home, hopefully have the funding to purchase a special commercial-grade scanner to digitize his work, and then pull the best of the best and produce a book of his work. This book would be released for sale to the general public via Print-on-Demand publishing. The costs come to roughly $4000, give or take some wiggle room: 1500 or so for the RV rental (renting a truck or van for the same trip, with mileage, would be roughly the same, then add on food and motel costs… the RV is all-in-one); $1000 for the scanner (an Epson that can go up to a 4×5 negative). Then any funds left over would offset the amount of my time the process of digitizing and restoring his work.
  2. Second project: Not quite as expensive (hopefully). A new anthology. Cats + SF/F. My goal is to raise enough to pay each accepted story a stipend (I’m thinking $100 each). Also to pay someone for designing the cover. Thinking roughly $2000 or so. That would cover a few hundred for an artist and at least 1500 for stories. I have a freaking adorable cover idea, but I can’t draw it myself. I’d have to commission someone for it. But that will be a ways out yet. Submission window would start October 1st most likely. I’ll have guidelines up sometime in September if not sooner. I’ll post the link “somewhere.” I started building the website, but set it aside because I’m dealing with a hairy summer term of grad school and the stresses of finding work.

Both of these projects are a labor of love. I love and miss my father every day. I also love cats and Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I will also, gradually, be putting my own SF/F books under the imprint name.

So, the snafu with getting the Kickstarter going for the photography book: my dad was not well known. In order to do a successful KS, I need a video of something better than me and my frog-ridden voice (the days of me being a radio DJ are long past) facing a camera and talking. But since the vast majority of his work is 600 miles away, I can’t pre-scan some and use them for a ‘film’ to promote the project. I do have old 8mm home movies (no projector), and a few images of the family… I also have footage I took of the house and yard when I went down there and stayed at the house (to the detriment of my health, hence the frogginess of my voice). I don’t know if that footage would be useful, though. I want someone local who knows how to do KS videos to sit down and go over ideas and help. I just can’t pay someone. Unless the campaign is amazingly successful and there’s more than enough left over… then I’d be happy to pay the person who helped.

*I’m studying to be an archivist. Family history and the items passed down are very important to me.

So… there ya go. Questions?


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Really, only one more month of this… (#crowdfunding #rent)

Still #crowdfunding #rent one last month. I’d love insight into how to get the shares/help needed without paying someone to help promote it. I simply ask that folks share. If you can’t donate, at least sharing within your extended networks. Share the GFM, share this post…

I’ll be able to get $250 via emergency loan from school…. but I still need to cover the rest of it. I know people are tired of me asking, etc… but this is the last of it. I have one job, am likely interviewing for a second one. School funds come in at the end of the month as well, so those will help. Rent will be late… I accept that. I hate it, but I accept it. This will hopefully be the last time this happens for a long time, if not ever again.

I hope this is also the end of the constant high level of stress I’ve been dealing with. Retail isn’t easy for me physically, but it is what it is and it’s what I’m able to get right now… maybe I can still muster the energy to find something better while doing everything else.

I need to go tackle the application for the $250…


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Insomniac Dragon is posting… (#crowdfunding babbling)

Blog title ideas: Anthro Archivist, Furry Archivist, Creative Archivist.


Also still need funds to get regalia for graduation. And rent funds. The one avenue I was thinking of pulling from maxxes out at $250. Not a huge help, but I can still do it. I just need to get the other $550+ from “somewhere.”

Ideas appreciated. 

Trying to cobble together a decent Harry Potter outfit for the midnight release psrty with friends. Using tje robe from my regalia would help, but i can’t afford it and can’t even go get food. (My fridge is looking like that of a non-cooking bachelor. 

Interview went well. Got a line on another place that needs people and is similar. Still prefer something not in this field and that pays well enough I can save for future endeavors.

Now, if only I could get certain songs out of my head, i might get some sleep. 

~P the Dragon 

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A Few Things from the Dragon… (including #crowdfunding)

I have an interview tomorrow (Wednesday) for a PT possibly temporary retail job. I hesitated applying for it because, well, retail. Me swearing I’d never go back. It’s close. It’s a family run business. The kind of retail I prefer. Problem is that the pay… even if I get 25 hours a week, is barely above what’s needed for rent, let alone anything else.

I’m running out of time trying to rent funds together. As well as my funds for my graduation regalia. As well as food, etc… I do have an option of getting an advance against my school funds for next term, but it’s only $250, which won’t cover much. Yes, it’s a start, but needing over $500 more is the challenge.

I need to muster a whole lot of energy for the next few weeks.


  • catching up on school
  • trying to find funds for my regalia (gown, cap, hood [graduate school thing], and the announcements I requested), rent, and other things
  • doing my practicum
  • interviewing for this job
  • making my dirndl for graduation
  • possibly making things to sell to raise rent funds (since no one wants to buy the other things I’ve put up for sale all over Hell and back)

That last one… that takes a lot of my energy. I also don’t have laundry quarters for washing all the fabrics. I’d prefer to pre-wash everything. Hell, even doing laundry takes a lot out of me.

And apparently, in the midst of all my life insanity, I managed to get a piece of glass in my shoe yesterday and it sliced the underside of my big toe. It’s fine, but I have to watch for infection. I didn’t know until today. Most smaller instances of pain don’t really register with me. I knew something was hurting with it, but figured it was just regular pain from walking too much.

On top of that… the “no readily available food in the kitchen” diet has me down about 5 pounds in one week. One decent meal and then jello for ‘something with flavor’ …. I can’t even make my coffee because I can’t afford milk. Yes, life sucks…. if I get this job, I can at least go back on food stamps.

That’s all from the Rambling Dragon…. Tired Dragon is going to bed shortly.


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Dragon Post: The Insanity Cycles Back Around… again

Despite my attempts at finding work, I yet again, find myself trying to get creative (although not trying to drain myself at the same time, which isn’t easy) about how to cover the funds for rent for August.

Someone reading this might say, “but didn’t we just DO this?”

Yes… yes we did. I got rent paid, albeit late, and storage caught up…. but my luck at finding work the last several months has been running on the wrong side of the luck tracks… so still no job…. and no income. I have some fabric I can make into skirts to sell… but it’s a matter of the energy to do so. I also have other things to make stuff… but again… energy. Feeling like you’re constantly drained of nearly all of your energy when you need to do things… it’s hell. I see my GP tomorrow…. and I know what she’ll say: get more exercise.

So, here’s my issue with that advice: when you, as a friend or the doctor, tell someone who is dealing with chronic pain and fatigue that if they just exercised more, they’d feel better…  do you know what that someone would like do to you?

We’d love to smack you upside the head so hard you forgot what you just said. But we don’t have the energy for it. K?

I can muster enough physical energy to do one semi-major activity…. and guess what? Going out for a damn run is NOT it. Now… I have the rest of today…. a friend came over and helped me haul two loads of stuff BACK to storage as per the order of my landlord. I’m almost done. That’s just about all I’ll be able to muster today. I may have enough energy to cook something…. may. No guarantee.

Now, before anyone says it, yes, I know about The Spoon Theory. I’m pretty damn sure some gremlin came and stole about half my spoons some years back. I’m also pretty sure that gremlin ain’t ever coming back with them. Bastard.

Could diet be affecting me? Yes. If ya can’t afford decent food (and don’t even fucking tell me to go to the damn food bank with their moldy bread, questionable meat, and veggies that look like they want to kill themselves), it’s hard to eat properly. When i do have a little extra, I get things I can freeze or are shelf-stable and can last. I can’t eat normal bread as there’s this little thing called gluten that makes me sick. You don’t want to be around me when that reaction kicks in. Most veggies I eat can’t be frozen. Some can. So, I get things like popcorn, family packs of meat I can freeze individually, and maybe a bag of frozen veggies that have no flavor and are cut WAY too small for how I cook them. Am I a little picky? Maybe (yes, but I have to in some cases). Some veggies just don’t sit well with me. And if I ever get told to eat a banana as they’re nice and cheap, I’ll find you and shove said banana where the sun doesn’t shine. (Dragon, play nice) Besides, they really aren’t that high in potassium as people think they are.

Can’t get back on food stamps until I’m employed at least 20 hours a week. Yeah… the rules suck.

All that aside… I need to get cat food ($24 for a 10lb bag. I know one person who has said if I ever need cat food, to ask her… so I will… we’re getting low on their kibble). I also need to come up with the funds for getting my graduation regalia ($60), and then rent ($745).

I’d prefer not to just beg for help. Most normal sources are tapped out…. I’ve sent an email off to one avenue of assistance, but I don’t know if it’s possible. School funds for Fall term won’t happen until late in August. Too late for August.

Any quick ideas for rent help are appreciated. Local charities are tapped out… I’ve given up asking them. Ideas appreciated…

~P the Dragon


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pardon the dust

I have a few vastly different posts running around in my head right now… one of them is extremely personal… trust me, when I post that one, you’ll know it. Granted, you won’t see the tear stains down my cheeks and the attempts at not ruining the computer with same tears if they hit the keyboard. But it is something sitting with me that I feel I need to write.

Same goes for the others….

I’m also trying to figure out ways to pay off my regalia and announcements for graduation and then raising at least some of next month’s rent… all without exhausting myself due to the fatigue issues.

The paint and canvas boards may come out for some inspiration…. not sure yet. jewelry? skirts?

Not sure yet. I have some other things that need to get done as well…

I have the next four days without specific commitments, so who knows what I’ll end up doing.


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So, I’m trying to catch up on my stuff for a class. And I’m stuck. Like, seriously stuck. I’m a computer geek. I can do html and css…. even playing a little in Javascript, etc…. but SQL…. holy hell…. this has this dragon prepared to raise the white flag. I’m playing catch-up and it feels weird… I’ll try to explain…

I look at W3Schools and other sites that explain SQL…. I look through the Powerpoint slides from the class…. it all looks -I don’t know- easy? But then I go to the assignments and it doesn’t seem so easy. I’m way behind on everything.

This summer has felt strange for me. I think the stress of finances, cramming my practicum hours, dealing with health stuff…. it’s all taking its toll. The summer term is short as it is, but it really has felt like one gigantic blur for me. Weeks fly by and so do the assignments and discussions…. and now here I am trying to make sense of it. I finally figured out the way into the remote desktop…. a trick that isn’t in the instructions given.

When I’ve said in the past that I’m tired… it’s an exhaustion across all aspects of my life. It affects everything and is especially hitting my schooling pretty hard. I’ve barely been surviving. This class is an elective and I could’ve taken something lighter… but going into archives, I thought learning database design would be highly useful.

Instead, I feel lost. Nothing makes sense. Nothing seems real. I love what I do and what I’m studying for. But there is still that feeling of being lost in the woods of graduate school and no clear path out of the darkness. I know I’m almost done…. but I’m flailing here….

Blargh…. dragon down…. trying to figure out how to get back up.


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Dragon Baking: GF Biscuits

I grew up with flaky, hot biscuits and all kinds of normal baked goodness.

Then, some years ago, I started getting sick. At first I thought it was one thing, but realized it was bread. Gluten. My aunt has Celiac’s and a wheat allergy… my mother, her sister, likely also did but getting her to a doctor for anything was nearly impossible.

So I’ve been missing those fluffy, awesome biscuits. But getting sick from them is not helping me any.

Tonight, I attempted to modify a BH&G cookbook recipe for biscuits.

Let’s just say this is the first of many experiments.

They could be worse. Really. I think they’ll be fine with some jam or something. But I’m aiming for a nice moist biscuit. Gluten Free. Basic, simple, not something with 15 ingredients and needing a kitchen the size of my living room.

I’ll get there.

Oh yeah…. and if you suggest any recipe with coconut oil, that gets tossed out the window. Nothing with coconut anything…. dad was a heart patient. I don’t believe a single word about that crap being healthy. And no, you can’t convince me. Dragon is still kinda bitchy.

~P the G

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Day of Dragon Rest then some work

So I did my best to sleep in… I won’t go into those details, but it didn’t quite work out the way I would’ve preferred. I did get up finally… had something resembling breakfast, although normal people wouldn’t technically consider what I had as “breakfast” …. but I’m not normal, so there.

I tried to muster some energy, but I wasn’t quite there yet. So many things I need to do, and nowhere near the energy needed to do them… any of them. And some of them are fairly sedentary. So, I crawled back under the covers and rested a bit. Got ideas in my head of the steps I need to do to get my apartment organized and then stuff over to storage. In a specific order. With me, plans don’t tend to go… well… as planned. My life is notorious for this.

I got up, grabbed some juice, which is a massive treat for me… felt better, put some bags of things in my granny shopping cart (it’s a heavy duty one), and headed to storage. I mustered just enough energy to get the space sorted, the things i brought over in one neat spot. Determined what to bring home for Junk Day this week and put it all together, and took some pics for my own process as well as of some things to Freecycle or sell off.

All in all, a productive hour or so. I have a LOT of work ahead of me.