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5/17: Being colorful in a grey world

It’s no secret to those who know me. I love purple. I love color. Granted, I’ve been wearing a lot of black and grey lately, but mostly because that’s what I tend to wear when it’s colder. Also, very utilitarian…

Right now, I’d love to get my hair dyed purple again. Not like there’s a lot of it, but hey, gotta have some fun, right? Well, other than the obvious “I don’t have the money” there’s the job hunting aspect. Here in Portland, there are lots of folks with “fashion color” hair. But it’s difficult to tell if a company will be okay with it and I don’t want my hair color to keep me from getting a job.

What I wish is that Corporate America -and society in general- get their heads out of their collective arses and allow more color. More individuality. Our society is so set on continuity and conformity that when I walk around downtown, I see a LOT of grey and brown and beige and black and… men show color with their ties and women with their shoes. But it really should go beyond accessories. Why not wear a red skirt with a white or black blouse? Why is hair color in anything other than “natural” colors looked down on?

It’s only hair, people.  Get over it.


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5/17: Adventures in Dragoning

The stickied post is above this one, sorry folks… until storage is safe, it stays. Getting close, though.

My adventures out today. I definitely over-taxed my knee. But that’s what I get for walking from the MAX downtown, up to The Roxy, then over to Mud Bay on 16th & NW Glisan, then up to Safeway on Lovejoy (this will all make sense to people who know the downtown and Pearl/Alphabets areas), then to the Post Office (central), then the Greyhound station MAX. Almost 9000 steps today. My knee is swearing at me again.

I’ve picked up a modest writing gig with a friend of a friend (we had breakfast at the Roxy)… after breakfast, we went our own ways… needed kitty kibble so off to Mud Bay. Then picked up one of my scrips at Safeway and then mail, then back here. One thing I learned the hard way: If you’re going to run errands afterward, don’t drink two large sodas at the Roxy (the pitchers)… I was waddling the whole way. I did get some good belches off thanks to the root beer. Yeah, I have a teeny bit of redneck in me. When your Southern Boy boyfriend (this was years ago) feels mildly insulted that his native Californian girlfriend can belch better than he can… heh heh heh.

While sitting at the station for the ride back here, I ended up writing today’s poem. More of an observational theme than internal. But you have to wait until later for it.

Okay back to raising the last of the funds.

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5/17: updates on #crowdfunding

This post is Stickied to the top of the page.

Around 11:30 this morning, I was able to pay off what was owed on storage. I went up, tried finding a few things, but couldn’t get far… put the new lock on and headed ‘home.’ So everything is safe until next  month when I have to come up with another $280.

Please, please, please use the PayPal link. YC funds at this point won’t be available in time.

AS OF 7AM, STORAGE IS FUNDED. Thank you to everyone who has helped.

11:02pm: $48 remaining.

10:52pm: $58 remaining needed. Almost there.

9:30pm: Trying not to panic.

7:07pm: two more donations via PayPal (almost mandatory at this point) totaling $35. One on YC for $50, but it won’t clear in time… YC may be good for keeping track at this point, but donations take a couple of days to process through WePay. PP is instant as I have a debit card that pulls from it.

5:19pm: Another $200 has potentially been promised, so I’m now at needing $200. If the YouCaring from yesterday does not post in the morning to my bank, I will need $300. It would be nice to have that cushion, but I’ll take what I can. They will NOT take partial payments this far along. So a bare minimum of $200 remaining.

Here’s the whole deal:

  • D would have to get special permission to pull my unit from the list today, so I can’t do that this time. I need to be there in the morning with all the funds.
  • I really need any further funds to come through PayPal, as that’s the only way it’ll show up in time.
  • I’m down $400. I have $600 (and change). Need $1003 (and then buying yet another new lock as they drill them out…). The only concern here is if the $100 coming from YouCaring that was donated yesterday will show tomorrow. If not, I’m in trouble.
  • Remember, the numbers on the YC page show funds long since used. I’m down $400… and need it tonight so I can rush down there before noon tomorrow and pay it off.

Help share this… please….



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5/17: 3pm update #crowdfunding storage

So I’m about halfway there between various sources. I’d like to know I’ll have everything before the end of the week when I call to ask for it to get pulled. I have three hours to call and get it pulled. it’s just after 3pm PST and their office closes at 6pm. Ideally, I’d be able to make the payment tomorrow, but I would only be able to do that if PayPal is used as that’s immediate. YouCaring takes a couple days to process.

Leaving this short to just get it out there.


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5/17: pain & #crowdfunding 

Last day before auction. Please share so I can get close enough to convince them to pull it from the list. Paypal preferred, but YouCaring works as well. It just delays payment. If it’s there, I can say I’ll have it before the weekend and they should be okay. 

Wake up to Portia meowing at me… she normally squeaks. My jaw/tooth pain has returned full force. And I still need to summon a miracle by 6pm today to get storage pulled from the auction list. Anything you can donate to get me closer is awesome. If you can’t, please share and encourage others to do the same. 


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5/16: one last bit for the night (#crowdfunding)

Keep sharing. Donate if ya can, share no matter what. This is nearly everything I own at risk.

Yes, I got two donations. And an unidentified amount will be coming from someone tomorrow. And picking up a writing gig tomorrow. I don’t know where it all stands. I just need to show there will be enough by 6pm pst tomorrow. So he can pull it from the auction listing. The PP is immediate. I have a debit card for it. And no fees taken out. 

That’s it for now. Thank you to everyone who has helped in some way. 


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5/16: The Break (poetry)

Standing still.
Rain hits my face
Runs down my nose.
Cars pass me by
Hitting the
Puddled potholes
On purpose.
The spray
Hits my legs and
Soaked half-dead shoes.
Socks no longer
Protect my bare feet.
The rain is not heavy
But just enough to soak
Every layer
Down to my skin.
Hoping my turn is next.
The break in the rain.
A chance.
Bask in the light.
As the clouds break
Just for me.


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5/16: Updates and Stuff (like #crowdfunding)

Here I am with two days left. A little less, really. I’m sucking it up and posting in a couple of my FB groups I run (I think it’s tacky to use groups for other things as a place to beg for help, but my groups, my rules), and friends and FoF’s are sharing as well. Also an unlikely person will be stepping up to help however they’ll be able to. Trust me, that blindsided me. But I’ll take what I can get.

I have to get at least close to the 1500-1600 goal on YC to prove I have it and can get the unit pulled from the auction before they close the office tomorrow at 6pm PST. Cutting it really close… and I’m stressed out. I’m trying to remain calm, but that isn’t easy in this situation.

As I stated on today’s YC update, I will be reactivating my Taskrabbit Tasker account. I let it lapse during the eviction because, well, my mind was on other things. You have to submit at least one invoice/job every 60 days to stay active. Business was picking up a bit but not enough to pay rent and all. If I can get back into the swing of it and get a few tasks a month that give me something decent, I can at least get close to or make storage rent. Hopefully. I have to do the orientation thing again… and they only do those once or twice a month.

The nice thing being a Tasker is that as a woman doing furniture assembly, I get a lot of female or older clients. They feel safer having a woman coming into their home to do stuff than a strange man. I’ve had several clients tell me how much they appreciate the fact I offer this service. It’ll hurt what with my knees and all, but it will also get me moving and more active. And I’ll still have time to job hunt and go to Voc Rehab, etc. I don’t get THAT many tasks… I had a couple of weeks where I had two or three each week, all small ones, but still… I don’t make a lot of money. But it would be nice to get back into it. At least until I get a FT job.

Some of the stuff I did in PT yesterday brought back memories of when I switched from dance to weightlifting. Nothing major, but strengthening muscles helped my balance (which has always been awful). I used to do leg presses at almost my body weight at the time. I was around 140 and could press about 120-130lbs. About 60-80 for curls and extensions. Arms were always my weak spot. But I get two PT sessions left, and I think I want to find somewhere I can afford to go in and keep going on the machines. She explained to my that if my quads are stronger (which they aren’t right now) then my knees won’t have as many issues. Eventually. I have some standing exercises to do that hurt almost as much as the machines right now. Today I’ve mostly been off my feet because both of my knees were swearing at me for yesterday.

Well, I have a cat who wants my undivided attention… so offline I go. For a bit. I’ll keep checking in. I made a video earlier, but trying to upload from the phone is taking for-e-ver. It would be nice to have them up there tonight, but I don’t know if that will happen.


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5/16: running out of #crowdfunding time.

Share me! Help me make a miracle happen!

Quick begging- er- #crowdfunding post. My PT from yesterday has me down for the moment. Voc Rehab had to cancel as she is apparently out of the office… at least this time I checked my phone before leaving. *sigh*

What can I say to prove this is real? 

Here’s some of it, before the space you see got packed with furniture and more boxes. This really is virtually my whole life about to be auctioned away. My costumes and a few Steampunk projects, among so much more… 

I’m not sure where else to turn. Two days to pull off a miracle.