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Bored Dragon Has Other Things To Do…

… and yet, here I am blogging again. I got the check from school. Then, because my brain apparently has decided it can’t do basic arithmetic anymore, I had to use the calculator to figure out how much was needed to cover rent and the late fee: $12 and some change. Now, there’s also the fees to Western Union for making the money orders (they max at 500, so I have to get two of them) and funds to make a small purchase (usually a candy bar or similar, although I’d love to get more milk, eggs, and veggies, but they cost more than a candy bar… sad state of the food industry when it’s cheaper to buy a freaking candy bar or two than it is to get veggies… but I digress). So, $20 is a good cushion.

Yes, I also still need to get my stuff for graduation… that’s on the 14th.

Rent deadline is the 12th… this Friday.

My plan for weeks now has been to make a dirndl to wear under my gown… but the bodice is a fitted piece and I don’t see myself having the time and patience this week to make it. Maybe I’ll get a burst of energy and such to tackle it. I also don’t have the apron fabric…. so that’s an issue. Not sure what I’ll wear if I don’t make it. We’ll see….





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