My Alter Ego

As I’ve mentioned in blog posts, I write fiction and poetry. And blog posts, but those don’t get put in print anywhere. My primary pen name, for Science Fiction, is A.P. Adams or Amanda Parker Adams. The Fantasy pen name is Morgana Quayle.

Right now, due to lack of funds, my domain name has expired and I simply don’t have the excess funds to get it back, even though it isn’t horribly expensive. So this is a temporary page.

Places you can find my stuff:

If you want the booklet of poetry that I need to add things to since the last edition, I’ll have to find the link for that.

I may add more on here, but those links will get you the basics. I am doing a full re-edit on the first Library Cat Chronicles book: Library Cat-A-Log. That, along with Magehunter, are next up to be finished. Real life has been hard on me of late.

If you wish to support me and my writing and get a sneak peek at Inheritance, my Paranormal Fantasy, while I’m editing it, become one of my Patrons on Patreon. I’ll start editing a chapter a month, and if you subscribe at a level where you get writings, you’ll also get all my silly little doodles and other stuff from the lower levels. This will start in June. Editing starts this month and gets posted for June. There isn’t an FB page for that one yet. It’s still pretty fresh.