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Tired Dragon (still #crowdfunding of course)

I got two more assignments in tonight. Four is confuzzling me tonight. Will start fresh in the morning… hopefully. Please share the posts or GFM as rent needs to get paid. 

My mood went sideways earlier this evening due to something I won’t discuss here. When I’m stressed out, the last thing that anyone should try is pulling any kind of snark or ‘tude (not what set me off, but happened later). It pushes me off the cliff into full bitch Dragon. I don’t need the distraction of bs this weekend. I keep returning to fb to clear my head when I’m frustrated. 

Tomorrow is my last day to turn things in. So, yes, I’m stressed out. Add needing rent funds to that and if someone decides to push my buttons, I cease being able to focus. 

No button pushing, please. No snark either. Thank you.




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