Last week, I updated WP on my portfolio website, and when I went to log back in a day later, I got an error message. I tried everything, but it was unrecoverable. Yeah. So THAT happened.

Lots of swearing, praying the the Deities of the Interwebs, mucking through files and folders, and I’ve revamped a new site. It isn’t perfect. Nowhere near it. But the gallery plugin I chose is super-awesome, and things are going somewhat smoothly.

Except that my internet keeps cutting in and out. Partly something to do with the lines, and I think my old router is dying. Yeah. *headdesk*

Since I’m looking for work and don’t have income, I can’t go out and BUY a new one. So I’m struggling with getting photos uploaded. I have 35 up, but still have another 13 or so to go. And that’s JUST the digital photos. I have some old ones scanned (mostly 35mm), but I think they’re on an inaccessible hard drive. Just like my scripts, one of which I want to put up part of so I can show off my script writing skills.

So, the new site is a work in progress. The link below is the site. Needs more work. But tomorrow I’m taking a Sanity Day, and heading into the hills for a walk.

City Kitty Creative


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