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8/28: Cats and #Crowdfunding #storage

(Yes, still #crowdfunding. This is getting urgent now… and I’m trying not to freak out. Any help will do) Please SHARE… it’s free to share.

[CW: alcoholism, homelessness, suicide talk]

On my way back to the house today, I sat with a couple of fellow homeless folks on the MAX. They were both struggling with alcohol and in environments that didn’t help with sobriety. I am reminded that, while my situation isn’t easy, adding an addiction to the mix makes it harder. One of the reasons it’s hard to stay sober, from their point of view, was that it’s so damn cheap to get drunk. Have ten bucks? You can get a couple bottles of cheap wine. And when you’re surrounded by fellow alcoholics and addicts, sobriety is a bitch.

Being homeless at all isn’t easy.  Add other factors into it, such as disabilities, addictions, having pets, and it gets harder. I will be blunt: if I didn’t have Portia, I would be considering suicide. But I have this sweet, dingbatty cat who loves me and makes me laugh. I look at her and I see this gorgeous cat who purrs me to sleep and wakes me up at any and all hours. Who blends into the flooring at night when the lights are out and I end up tripping over her. She still hasn’t gotten the idea that when I’m moving, to get out of the way. She’s a big lovable goofball. And I love her.

And she keeps me alive.

All that said, I do also need help with storage. There’s no way I could rebuild what I may potentially lose in storage. So I ask for help.

I have faith that things will somehow fall into place. How? I don’t know. I’m gonna need a miracle at this point.

On grad school: I still haven’t heard on the appeal. Which is bugging the shit out of me.




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