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7/20: My Week in Revi- …. *thud*

I do try to work past/through my disabilities, but this week pushed me to the limits. I had four paid tasks through TR with three of them being furniture assembly. Apparently I have more reviews than people who charge double what I do… hence me getting more of those tasks. I don’t mind. I did up my rate to an even $30/hour, though. I get 70%, so I don’t see ALL of the $30. I also had PT on Wednesday and a meeting with my Voc Rehab coach tomorrow.

It isn’t easy doing physical labor… even just small amounts of it. So doing everything I’ve done this week has been rough. But I’m still able to move. I’m sore, but I can still do stuff.

With the pay coming in from these tasks, I have most of my storage rent. Still trying to gather the last bit and then work on earning for next month.

One thing I enjoy while doing TR is that I get to meet people I likely would never get to meet otherwise. It’s always interesting, even if the pay isn’t stable enough.

It’s been a long week and now I’m working on scheduling posts for my Press and working on other websites… and job hunting. I’ll be around.




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