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7/12: *twitch* ‘net went back down

Roughly a half hour after I posted Purr, the internet here at the house went buh-bye again. With the exception of a little free wi-fi at a coffee shop yesterday (VR appt with my guide person… came up with a good term earlier today and now I can’t remember it) and waiting for a semi-last minute doc appt yesterday evening, I’ve been sans internet. While most people are fine with it and can go without for the most part, having access for me is kinda important. Things like banking, booking gigs to gain some income, what semblance of a social life I have, job hunting, etc… and dealing with social anxiety, being online is where I’m most comfortable.

I’m still not even halfway with what I need for storage for the month. I’m stuck.

A few personal things: The doctor’s appt I mentioned. Apparently I’ve been hyperextending my elbows and triggering nerve pain in my upper back… I need to make some changes to my desk arrangement, which I can do with pulling from storage, but I can’t access storage without it being paid up.

Portia is being cute as usual….

I’m working on things. VR is going well. I’ll post more later….




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