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7/5: Tech-weird and Life

Bizarre. FB on the Chromebook is acting all weird. Any text box, whether it’s a status or reply, messes things up. I start typing and then the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the line and continues what I’m typing there. It won’t let me delete it either. The cursor keeps jumping back. And it’s ONLY FB… no other site. I’ll do a full restart in a bit.

Internet came back last night… although I think that was obvious from last night’s post.

I’ve had new issues with my sciatica pop up over the weekend. I’ve gotten used to most sciatica pain, but damn… a searing jab of pain right next to my tailbone when weight-bearing on the left side is not something I’ve had before, and I’ve had sciatica for 27 years. I can handle a LOT of pain, but this??? Oh, fuck no. It is doing better for the moment. I’ve had a surprisingly low pain day today. Two days of mostly bed rest helped.

Had a doc appt today and then saw my VR person to go over my resume and rebuild it. Doc ordered blood tests to check for… well… actually I’m not sure what she’s checking. But they pulled four vials and this was the first time in years I only needed ONE needle prick. The everlasting saga of surviving 3rd stage Cellulitis is that my veins are all -sees a needle and hides- … My record is four attempts, and this has been several rounds of four attempts per sitting. Vancomycin is a bitch on the veins at the IV site. They had to change my IV location about every 24 hours the first six days. Then they put a PIC line in and a day later take it back out because my shitty insurance at the time didn’t cover home IV therapy.

Needless to say seeing a tech only need one chance is a wonderful sight. I love the older, more experienced techs. They can handle any problem.

For VR, we tackled my resume and it’ll be a vast improvement. I may be a writer, but when marketing myself and my skills, I suck at words.

More musings later…




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