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6/9: middle of the night 

Despite meds that should have tamed the TMJ pain beast, here I am awake at nearly 3am. I was quiet yesterday due to a few issues.  

I have a few ranty posts in my mental queue. Dragon will have a field day. 

When I saw my primary doc about the TMJ/headache, she said there isn’t much that can be done. It’s one of those grey area health issues that no one really trains for. And no, it isn’t fully a dental thing. I do have dental work to be done, but it won’t affect the TMJ. She said if my coverage allowed me some chiropractic treatment, she knows of one who can manipulate the TMJ and relieve the pain. But I’m on Medicaid. They don’t cover that sort of thing. 

I got roughly 1 hour of sleep before the pain woke me up. One of my earlier meds doesn’t really let me sleep. 

More babbling later.




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