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5/18: All is well… for now.

I woke up this morning around 4 or 5 to a certain large feline purring on my chest. Normally she isn’t very stealthy. The extra weight made it a bit difficult to breathe. She finally jumped off and I checked my phone for messages, etc. A friend overseas helped get me the last needed funding. I slept in a little more and then headed downtown. Took care of some banking and then headed up to storage.

All paid up for now. I tried digging into the stuff, but couldn’t get very far. I did find one of my treasures, but my shoes are all buried somewhere in there… I did grab some items of use and then put everything else back. Just in that short time digging in there has me hurting a lot.

Thank you to every single person who helped share and/or donate! It means a lot to me… really, I swear.

2017-05-18 11.32.16
You obviously can’t see everything, but yeah… this is what ya’ll helped me save: my life in boxes and such.

So many things in there that mean a lot to me. Okay, not the vacuum cleaner so much, but I did a lot of research before buying it to make sure I got a good quality one. And it wasn’t a cheapie!

Next time I go down there, I’m bringing help. Oof! The stack with the vacuum was all I could move… I thought the majority of my shoes were fairly close by, but they weren’t. Now I’m trying to remember where the hell they went. My poor sneakers need retiring badly… and I only held three pairs of footwear out: the sneaker slides, a pair of ballet flats for interviews, and my winter boots. What? It was winter at the time!

I’m gonna get off my feet for a bit… rest my back, etc…




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