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5/17: updates on #crowdfunding

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Around 11:30 this morning, I was able to pay off what was owed on storage. I went up, tried finding a few things, but couldn’t get far… put the new lock on and headed ‘home.’ So everything is safe until next  month when I have to come up with another $280.

Please, please, please use the PayPal link. YC funds at this point won’t be available in time.

AS OF 7AM, STORAGE IS FUNDED. Thank you to everyone who has helped.

11:02pm: $48 remaining.

10:52pm: $58 remaining needed. Almost there.

9:30pm: Trying not to panic.

7:07pm: two more donations via PayPal (almost mandatory at this point) totaling $35. One on YC for $50, but it won’t clear in time… YC may be good for keeping track at this point, but donations take a couple of days to process through WePay. PP is instant as I have a debit card that pulls from it.

5:19pm: Another $200 has potentially been promised, so I’m now at needing $200. If the YouCaring from yesterday does not post in the morning to my bank, I will need $300. It would be nice to have that cushion, but I’ll take what I can. They will NOT take partial payments this far along. So a bare minimum of $200 remaining.

Here’s the whole deal:

  • D would have to get special permission to pull my unit from the list today, so I can’t do that this time. I need to be there in the morning with all the funds.
  • I really need any further funds to come through PayPal, as that’s the only way it’ll show up in time.
  • I’m down $400. I have $600 (and change). Need $1003 (and then buying yet another new lock as they drill them out…). The only concern here is if the $100 coming from YouCaring that was donated yesterday will show tomorrow. If not, I’m in trouble.
  • Remember, the numbers on the YC page show funds long since used. I’m down $400… and need it tonight so I can rush down there before noon tomorrow and pay it off.

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