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5/17: Being colorful in a grey world

It’s no secret to those who know me. I love purple. I love color. Granted, I’ve been wearing a lot of black and grey lately, but mostly because that’s what I tend to wear when it’s colder. Also, very utilitarian…

Right now, I’d love to get my hair dyed purple again. Not like there’s a lot of it, but hey, gotta have some fun, right? Well, other than the obvious “I don’t have the money” there’s the job hunting aspect. Here in Portland, there are lots of folks with “fashion color” hair. But it’s difficult to tell if a company will be okay with it and I don’t want my hair color to keep me from getting a job.

What I wish is that Corporate America -and society in general- get their heads out of their collective arses and allow more color. More individuality. Our society is so set on continuity and conformity that when I walk around downtown, I see a LOT of grey and brown and beige and black and… men show color with their ties and women with their shoes. But it really should go beyond accessories. Why not wear a red skirt with a white or black blouse? Why is hair color in anything other than “natural” colors looked down on?

It’s only hair, people.  Get over it.




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