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5/15: Random Dragoning and #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding I’m getting down to the wire here. If anyone has a miracle to spare, feel free. But do keep spreading the word and sharing as many times as you think you can handle.  Trying not to panic, but it’s hard to maintain composure. I don’t know what I can say or do to convince those who come to my blog to donate either via PayPal or YouCaring. I see click-throughs, but no donations. At least nothing from the 7 click-throughs today alone.

Yes, I swear. Yes, I have my super-grumpy moments. If you were in my shoes, you probably would be as well.

Oh, Mondays. I really shouldn’t schedule things on Mondays… especially late in the day. I develop a deep hatred for human beings on mass transit when I’m being crowded out and pushed around… and people can clearly see my cane. I won’t go off in another rant about it. But I witnessed so much disrespect for others today, it was extremely frustrating.

I have a snoring cat next to me. She keeps me grounded and reasonably sane. Just not sure how sane I’ll be if I lose everything I own in auction.

I had a good physical therapy session today. Changed up the exercises, worked on the machines… I won’t get very many sessions, though.

I’m worn out, at least right now. Constantly staying on top of all of this and dealing with the stress of it is wearing me out. Then add all the other things…

I’ll have another poem up tonight… I’ll try not to make it too dreary this time. 🙂




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