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Beware: my jaw/tooth pain flared up right before bed, so I’m medicated and said meds do NOT let me sleep. You may get subjected to random late night posts. Maybe.

So, my feet are always so damn cold. Few years back, I discovered Heat Holders socks on Amazon. I have managed to annihilate four or five pairs in that time. Why? Because unless I’m wearing shoes and going outside, I’m wearing the current pair. Thus, every damn pair I have had have holes in the bottoms and where the holes aren’t, the fluff of the nice comfy socks is worn thin. Back to cold feet.

I may cannibalize older pairs and hand sew ankle sections onto the soles of the current pair for now. There are some on wish list, if someone was so inclined (and had Prime, so no shipping fee).

The room I’m staying in right now has old area rugs and such over a tile floor. 

A tile floor colder than a melting ice floe.

I’m wearing a pair of fuzzy socks inside my HH socks, and my feet are still frozen.

Enough about socks and my frozen feet…

I’m still amused by the public posts on my Patreon from last summer while volunteering at Westercon. Anyone can read them. All I can say is: “Dilithium Hamsters?”

~Penguin (who should be used to cold feet by now, but isn’t)



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