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5/11: One Week of #Crowdfunding and other things


Are you sick of me crowdfunding yet? I’m not sure what else to do to save my belongings in storage. I struggle with finding work, have nothing I can sell off that’s currently in my possession. Yes, there are things in storage that could be sold, but I can’t access them so I can’t justify trying to sell them (because what if I do take their money but still don’t get enough to save everything… I don’t think that’s fair).

So, I’m trying to get help from friends and friends of friends and whomever will help by sharing and/or donating. Only other thing I can think of is taking pre-orders for Magehunter, but that would be a LOT of pre-orders and I’m still editing it. Patreon is good, but anyone that signs up now … I don’t think it would help in time. I also don’t have anything for May, so… yeah.

And I need ALL the help I can get. 

I’m also glad that I was accepted into Voc Rehab. My hope is that they can help with resources to transition me from basic jobs I can no longer do to jobs I want to do and have the mental skillset to do. That it isn’t just like the Unemployment Office where they look at the last jobs you had and fit you with similar jobs (trying to get away from those, thank you very fucking much). My counselor there was sick last week the day of my appt, so I see her next week. But right now, other than job hunting, I’m trying to save all my stuff.

Apparently my “response” post and the one it referred to from the previous day got a lot of attention.. well a lot for my blog. I will say this one last thing: I do my damnedest to be extremely tolerant of others around me. Right now I’m dealing with a lot of stress and my ability to tolerant ignorant behavior from people who -one might assume- should know better is diminishing. Being essentially homeless myself as well as jobless, and dealing with C-PTSD (Complex PTSD, more common for sexual assault survivors) and physical disabilities and a few other things I don’t really talk about publicly… I do my best, but I do get frustrated and even a bit angry when I have to point out something so obvious to someone who is oblivious.

I was calm with the girl, but yeah, I vented later. I’d prefer to handle things that way. If I didn’t, I’d have an arrest record right now. Some people are offended by my venting? Well, then next time I’ll go off on the person and get arrested and I’ll give TC’s (or whomever else gets offended by my words on here) email address and name and tell the cops that they can post my bail. This is my coping mechanism for trying to keep calm in a world that just keeps pissing me off. I’d much rather write it up on here than be in a jail cell.

And that, I think, is my final word on that mess from earlier this week.

I could rant on political fuckery right now, but I haven’t taken my heart meds yet today, so maybe later.

All I’ll say for now is: When do the impeachment hearings start? Soon, I hope… they all need to go down in flames.




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