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5/9: Lapses in Life

Memory: I iz not an elelephanty!

Me: Yes, you are. Stop forgetting things.

Memory: What did I stop by for again?

Me: *sigh*

Are we sure this isn’t Monday? It’s Tuesday? It feels like a Monday right now. I forgot my PT appt. GAH!!! And I’m trying to clean… but the non-electric carpet sweeper thingy isn’t cutting it at all. The Resident Feline of the house threw up in the dining room (I cleaned that up), and while she was outside, her and Portia got into a little vocal debate. When they’re both inside, they’re okay… a little hissing from the Resident Cat, but man…. it was both of them this time.

Then I sat down to look up my next option for a dentist office… and got into a discussion on FB about kids. So some of my Squirrel Mode is from outside things and some from me just being me.

Yes, I’m still kind of in a pissy mood. I’m hoping cleaning will help with that, but so far, no luck.

Now another hissy/growly debate between the cats. Indoors. I give up. I’m trying to save my stuff in storage and now need to take Portia in for a vet session about behavioral stuff… I’m pretty much screwed. I may know one reason why (other than hating being sequestered in part of a house and not being able to be with me all the time)… Portia is allergic to wool. Some of the area rugs she’s come in contact with the last couple of days are at least partly wool. She isn’t scratching as much, but I am checking her paw pads and such… but it’s hard to see if there’s a rash without shaving down… which I can’t do either.

She hates being alone… so it’s going to be even tougher when I do get work and she’s stuck being alone.




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