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5/8: Mass Transit and everything but cars, #crowdfunding

Today, I dealt with people on the MAX as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Don’t worry, cyclists, I’ll mostly go easy on you. (and yes, still #crowdfunding)

Being mostly a pedestrian, but holding a driver’s license as well, I see city cyclists from two perspectives. I know full well that the vast majority aren’t major assholes who run red lights or stop signs and plow into pedestrians with the actual right-of-way. Or similarly hit a car (or get hit, even if the car has the right of way) and then get into screaming matches and even, in some instances, beat up the driver of the car. Yes, that’s happened. The ones I see the most are the aggressive asshole cyclists. The kind of person who plows into a pedestrian in the crosswalk who has the light. I knew the woman hit. Don’t worry, she’s fine. I just haven’t seen her in almost two years.

Today I also came across both locals and tourists (using the Biketown bicycles that are bright orange) riding on the sidewalks. Some were okay speed-wise, but the general rule is that if you’re riding faster than you can walk, you aren’t allowed on the sidewalks here. That’s what the bike lanes are for, folks. I did nearly get mowed down -on the sidewalk- by two who were going a little faster than they should have. I wish people would try to learn the local rules before getting on any wheels, motorized or manual.

Now for Mass Transit… they’re doing some work on tracks here so downtown is a bit of a mess. On my way into downtown today, everything was cool. I even met a new friend.

On the way home, however, I took issue with a girl next to me. On some of the newer trains, they have less actual seating in the Disabled/Seniors areas. I use a cane and have an Honored Citizen card (for a number of disabilities and reasons), and especially when I have my cane, I’m more than entitled to sit there. If you are younger or at least able-bodied and can stand on your own two feet and not lose your balance like I would if standing. After one person who needed the lone seat next to me, a girl in her 20’s or so sat down. If, by some chance, she’s seeing this, I have one thing to say:

“I don’t care if your backpack is heavy. There are homeless who are hauling more shit on their bodies than you ever will. You pick your privileged eyes up from your precious smartphone and take a look around you once in a while. Guess what? I had to tap you on the fucking shoulder to inform you that an older woman who likely has Parkinsons (from the shaking… just a guess) needs that seat. Now, if my knee weren’t screaming at me, I’d have offered her MY seat, but not with how my knee is right now.”

I don’t like that they made the handicapped areas smaller and down from six seats to two in the new MAX cars. The seats flip up. Four of them would be good (when I say two, it’s two in each end of car). Design flaws…. I hope they learn.

As a pedestrian, I’ve had times where I’ve nearly been hit. People wonder why I hesitate many times when crossing a street, even if I have the light. I get assholes on all different kinds of wheels who don’t always abide by rules.

It’s a lot like any sub group of modern society: there are a “handful” that give the rest a bad reputation. I get it. Hell, I’m a Furry and I get weird looks from people. The vast majority of Furries are not pervs who fuck others in their fursuits… do you even know how much those suits cost??? Mine was on the cheap with Minky fabric instead of faux fur and I ran over $100 for supplies alone. I have the skills, so I made it myself. Pro builders charge a lot more than my costs for a suit. They’re custom suits, no two alike. we don’t damage our suits. We baby them….

Look, there are always a few in any group that give others a bad name. Don’t be those people. Please. Learn the rules, abide by them, respect those around you and please pay attention.




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