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5/4: Star Wars, Daffy Duck, #crowdfunding & artsy stuff 

Whenever today comes around and all my fellow geeks do the Star Wars bit “May the Fourth be with you” I hear it in Daffy Duck’s voice. Now (hopefully) that will stick with you. You’re welcome. *snerk*

#crowdfunding Yes, still trying to save my stuff. I have a long way to go. My hope is that more friends share and more people see this. I’ve struggled with finding work I can physically handle. Now, with the added component of being homeless, my stress levels aren’t coming down. Then there’s everything I own (save for a few things) in storage that I can’t get to and am now at risk of losing. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated. 

Most of my art supplies are in that storage unit. I have my watercolor pencils and two pads on WC paper (one big and one tiny for carrying around). I may sacrifice a couple bucks to get a kneadable eraser and a soft lead pencil for laying down the lines. I have those items, but guess where they are? 


When I say nearly everything I own is locked away, I’m not kidding. It’s frustrating. I want to sew something, but my machines and fabric/supplies are inaccessible as well. 

I’m doing what I can. Looking for work, etc… I still have that constant feeling that there’s something I’m not doing right. Partly because I can’t fully blame “everyone else” for my inability to find employment. 

Back to trying not to panic. 




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