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5/3: #crowdfunding, creativity, & #patreon

Hmmm… well, that last post went over like a ton of bricks… maybe everyone is off enjoying the nice weather.

So, yes, still have a LONG way to go to save my belongings. If you look at the YouCaring campaign, subtract about $540 from the total. Right now, it’s 680. I have $140 raised out of roughly 900-1000 needed. By May 18th. So look at it as that I need to get that number to $1500 on YC. Anything I get via PayPal, I’ll add in as offline donations.

With my sewing and embroidery machines in storage, as well as most of my stash of fabric, all of a sudden I’m getting an urge to sew something. Go figure, right? Anyway…

Another creative thing… despite everything else going on, I want to get back to finishing up and then editing the latest new novella from NaNoWriMo in November. It’s a ghost story of sorts…. I think we were trying to figure out what genre it would be, and my friend said Paranormal Fantasy. It fits…. so, here’s the thing: I have a Patreon in case you haven’t noticed it in the sidebar. What if I set it up that as I edit (like, hardcore, uber-picky editing) each chapter, I post that chapter for the upper levels of patrons? So, I know, I don’t HAVE any patrons right now and I’ve been notoriously terrible about doing the smaller things for the lower levels… but if I got into doing the chapters and doing all the little stuff as well, would people be interested? If you are, like this post. 

I’m curious…. It’s an quietly intense story involving some of my own ancestors, with some artistic license. I think so at least.

I’m gonna go watch Criminal Minds and check back in later…



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