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5/2: Shameless #Crowdfunding Post

#crowdfunding still… if you’re reading this on a computer, the links are on the sidebar. On mobile, you have to scroll down to the bottom of a post page (the home page just keeps loading more posts… I think). 

If you look at the YouCaring campaign, you might think I’m close to what’s needed, but about 540 of that is older and long used.

I’m encouraging as many as possible to simply share, even if they can’t donate. I’m posting just about every day, either here or on that campaign. 

My situation is a reminder that without community, anyone is a “paycheck away” from being homeless. My struggle to find work that doesn’t exacerbate my various injuries from my past makes it even harder. I have now been accepted into the vocational rehabilitation program. Yes, still trying to finish up grad school. But in order to get back on my feet and pay for my 1-unit capstone this summer, I need work with decent pay (minimum wage or just above it isn’t enough to cover living costs and pay off the debts incurred). 

I also can’t afford to lose my property in storage. Among all the normal stuff is my father’s flag (and service medal) that was earned in WWII. So much other stuff as well. Right now, the financial goal is to catch up on storage before auction on the 18th. 

Anything and everything helps. I’m barely hanging on. Still looking for work and finishing school. 

Thank you,




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