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4/30: Quick #crowdfunding Post

Shameless crowdfunding post and why I was gone all day… SHARE ME!!!

Dis Penguin is tired. I’ve had a long day and I have a really good blog post brewing in my head due to something I observed on the MAX today, but it will have to wait until I’m less fried. I’ve had at least one more donation to the YC, which is awesome… but I still have a long way to go. I’ll check in with storage tomorrow and see about the exact number. The management there knows my whole life is in that unit and don’t want to see it auctioned off any more than I do, but rules are rules and we can bend them a teeny bit, but not break them. I’ll get more finite numbers tomorrow, but I know adding May rent onto the total will get me close to needing $1000.

In brief today, I ran a few errands and then went to the “after party” for a pair of friends who got married two weeks ago. The wedding itself was intimate and just very close family and such. Today was friends and more extended family. I actually wore some makeup, dammit… anyone who knows me knows I’m a tomboy who does wear dresses and such on occasion, but much prefers Mens PJ pants (the warmer the better) and snarky t-shirts… and I -rarely- wear any makeup beyond maybe eyeliner and lip stick or gloss… but today, I dug out the concealer, foundation and powder…

There’s more to the day, but I’m exhausted… more tomorrow.




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