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4/27: Music, #crowdfunding, and Peace

(Still #crowdfunding… as if that wasn’t patently obvious by now) I’ve cleaned up the main text on the YouCaring campaign. I have a bad habit of rambling. And with no one to stop me, it just keeps going… much like a certain bright pink battery powered rabbit with a drum in commercials.

Music: I’ve talked about my lifelong relationship with music in the past. I started playing piano at 4, singing a few years later. Listening as soon as I was out of diapers. Music got me through some of my darkest times, including now. The only frustrating thing is that since I don’t have my own place with my speakers and such, I can’t really crank it up and dance like the mad fool I am (if you play Hakuna Matata around me, I will go “full dork”).

If you had a few minutes to glance at my iTunes (most of my CD’s are ripped in), you would see everything from Bach and Chopin to Green Day and P!nk. Just about every genre covered. Music is my escape from the world.

Peace: This is a massive topic, but here’s one thing I’ve seen. The new Heineken commercial has many praising it, but also a fair number mad about it. I get it. I don’t like bigots and their hate either. I lived with a parent that way. I hated everything she stood for. Her Alzheimer’s made things worse as well.

But here’s the thing, if we keep hating and seeing bigots as the enemy, we will never make change happen as it needs to. We will never have a solid world community where there is no war. In any situation where two or more parties are at odds with each other (a marriage gone bad is one example, war between countries is a larger one), fighting and anger will get us nowhere. Judging and hating others who are different than we are will never accomplish anything good.

No, I don’t expect anyone to change their view overnight. Just planting a seed of peace.

Early on when I joined Facebook, I was willing to get into wars of words with people. I’m sure my blood pressure went up those days. I do know one thing that came out of that: I stepped into several conversations over time with atheist friends who had other friends who were bashing Christians. I defended my core faith in my own way (lots of swear words). Those I was directing my words toward backed down…. and some even sent me friend requests and told me that they’d never met someone like me who knew her shit and could bark just as loud as they could. Nowadays, I don’t engage as much in FB arguments. Too many flame wars and ad hominem attacks. I have plenty of my own stress to deal with… I don’t need to deal with people who can’t have a decent discussion.

All I ask is that we figure shit out before it’s too late.




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