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4/26: Asking for Help #crowdfunding #urgent

So, I’ve gotten out of my head the two blog posts that weren’t outright begging for funds. The one about my sexuality and the one from earlier today about cats. Yes, I still need funds. Rather desperately. The $700-ish needed is two months of storage rent at $280 each, plus late fees and the auction fee ($70) I have to pay. So, roughly $700. If I don’t get that together before May, then another $280 for May rent is added on.

As I’ve said before, I hate asking. I hate that I haven’t been able to get a decent job and back on my feet in all this time. I hate feeling helpless. Yet, here I am.

This is literally and figuratively about everything I own. Furniture, clothes, costumes, fabric, patterns, shoes, books, music… everything except a few articles of clothes, three pairs of shoes/boots (the sneakers need to be replaced pretty soon as well), and a handful of other things. I really do not want it all to go to auction. If I had income right now, I wouldn’t worry as much, but I don’t. Me and job hunting aren’t working well. Even for jobs I’d be great at… nothing. Most of them not even an interview.

[And really, if anyone else wants to be an asshole to me and tell me to take “whatever is available” again like one person did, your comment will also get marked as sp*m and get an ass-chewing from me. Trust me when I say I know my limits and “anything” usually is well past those limits. So please spare me.]

Back to storage. I have nothing I can directly access to sell off. It’s all in storage, which I can’t get into until it’s paid up. I have more stereo speakers than I really need. But they’re in storage. I have other things I can sell off… not a ton, but still things that can go. But I can’t get to any of it. When you end up essentially homeless, you don’t really have the ability to haul stuff around. It sucks, but it is what it is. As I get back on my feet, I’ll need a fair amount of that stuff in there in my future own place.

So, I ask for help. If you can donate anything, please feel free to do so either via the PayPal link on the side or the YouCaring campaign (they don’t take fees, but WePay does) that’s also there…. and linked right above this line.

Thank you for any and all help.

~Amanda (the featured image is Jack [RB] while we were back in Chicago. He passed away in 2010)



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