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4/23: Still crowdfu…%$$$## PORTIA!!! #crowdfunding

“Dammit cat, bring back my laptop!!”

Sssshhhh… Meowmy iznt getting enywherez wit her asksings fur halp. She haz more dan wun compooter, so Iz gonna talk strait to you, kat to hoomans. You dere. Da one wit opposables tumbs. Dis is Portia. My Meowmy needz help. I haz toys in dere. An’ all of momma’s warm stuff and smelly shooz I like to rub on are in dere. An’ our… her bed which iz big enuff for both of us. Pleez help us save dat stuff. I missss mai stuffs. Da bed we yoozin’ naow iz tooo smallz for both uv us. Dere’s anudder cat here I wanna be friens wit, but she dozent like me much. I luv my meowmy an don like seeing her so sadz.

Helps us? Pleez?

*Portia!! Let me have that back!*
*ahem* Sorry about that. I think Portia has been watching me type too much.

I still have a long way to go to save my belongings in storage. This is nearly everything I own and I can’t access it right now. Auction is mid May and if I can’t get it caught up before then, I lose it all. It’ll be easier to get caught up before May because once May 1st hits, then that months’ rent is added on, which would then bring my total to roughly $1000 needed. Please share this even if you cannot donate, either PP or YC is okay (although I prefer PP)

Thank you.

~Amanda Portia



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