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4/23: Minor Amusements

As I sit here trying to figure out how to reach more people who could help me save storage and such, I check my stats on here (when I’m stressed about funding something like this, I tend to get very obsessive about checking the stats) and look at the box for clicks on links such as my YouCaring campaign, PayPal, and then there’s the Amazon link to my wishlist. I actually had someone a while back give me crap about what was on that list. I may have said something at the time. I don’t remember. But having seen another person today click on it, I’ll say this now.

Yes, I have my Amazon wishlist up on my blog. It’s easier for me to just have it there than have friends ask me for the link every so often. Are some of the items “frivolous?” Yeah. But there are items on there that have a purpose. For example, you can go through my list and eventually find Heat Warmers socks. I’ve managed to kill off three or four pairs in the last few years because my feet are almost always cold and these socks are really good for that. If I’m at home, I’m usually wearing them. My previous pairs all have holes on the bottoms. My current pair is getting threadbare, and will eventually have holes. If someone wanted to buy a replacement pair, they wouldn’t have to ask me where to find them or my shipping address…. it’s all there. Granted, right now is not the best time to receive a lot of things I’d have to haul around between places to stay… but those socks are one of the basics that help me.

Is it indulgent to have my list linked? Maybe some see it that way. It’s there if someone wishes to help in that way. I find it amusing that people click on it at all. I figure if that’s a way someone wishes to help, that’s fine. Right now, help in the form of funds to save my storage is higher priority.  I’m just at a loss as to how to make my need more visible. I see viewer stats go up, but few, if any, click-throughs to donation methods.

I wish I was employed right now. And please, no comments about taking whatever is available. I have to keep reminding people that I cannot do a lot of the lower wage jobs anymore. I also have people/places I owe a lot of money to and I need to find a new place. $10/hour won’t help. Besides, I’ve had several friends ask me why I’m not in such-and-such type job, as I have the skills and all that. Believe me, that’s what I’m trying for.

A little more patience, a little more time.




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