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4/22: Chatty Dragon wants to chat but…

So, I said sometime yesterday that I would write up a post about my sexuality and all that stuff… and then didn’t last night. I was a bit out of it and loopy from pain meds. The best I can guess at this point is that the migraines and tooth pain are all secondary to TMJ pain. I’ll address this theory with the dentist (well, dental student. Hey, I have a challenging mouth, may as well give them something difficult before they graduate).

I will still write it, but when I can focus and sort out the thoughts to make a clear and cohesive post.

I’m still trying to raise funds to salvage my storage unit with all (well, roughly 98%) my stuff including my furniture and such. Yes, still homeless and jobless…. I was close on that one job, but came in 2nd place… I haven’t heard a thing from the others I’ve applied to. That, I think, is one of the most frustrating parts. Not hearing anything. Not a form email, nothing. But I keep going. There are, as I’ve stated, many types of jobs I can’t do because of injuries and such.

But I keep going, even when I’d rather bury myself under the blankets and ignore the world.




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One thought on “4/22: Chatty Dragon wants to chat but…

  1. Keep going, Dragon, but also take some to rest from the fight if you feel like it. The feeling of being unemployed has overwhelmed me once, but I got one. You will too. X

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