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4/21: Before Dawn #crowdfunding plea

Early morning pain med induced insomnia post. Please share this post and encourage others as well. 

We’re getting too close to the end of the month. I desperately need to get storage caught up. I’m right about needing $700 (2 months @280 + late fees and auction fee of $70) and that will hit $1000 needed on May 1st with another month of rent tacked on. 

98% of everything I own is in that unit as I’m homeless and staying with friends. I’m doing what I can on my end to find work and get back on my feet, but I can’t do this alone. 

I’m asking to at least share this post or the YouCaring campaign  (although PayPal is way faster) and encourage others to share. If you can donate, great! If not, at least share and encourage others to share as well. Spread this like a wildfire!

Thank you for your help and patience for putting up with me.




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