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4/17: Looking back at history (and #crowdfunding, dammit)

(still also #crowdfunding. I really need to get storage covered ASAP)

So, my paper I’m working on is a historiographic work covering  how historians have written about a particular event and how those views may have changed with the times. My topic of choice was the Stonewall Riots. I find it fascinating that my three core subjects I’ve turned to in grad school have been Copyright Laws, Preservation of Comic Books, and LGBT history. I wrote about how gays and lesbians were treated by the Nazi’s in WWII. Now I’m working on Stonewall.

I love many aspects of Archives. There are so many things to remember and work on to salvage. Architecture, music, books and manuscripts, film (photographic and moving picture), animation cells… and the list goes on. Letters that document moments in history, whether it be personal or societal. To document and preserve where we’ve been is crucial to help guide us in where we are going.

More to come later…




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