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4/14: Landing Zones & #crowdfunding 

Places to land.

​So, there’s one possible next landing spot (in case it’s needed), but with at least one party there having allergies to felines… bringing a Fluff Monster such as Portia into said residence may not be ideal. So, I’m looking at having other options. Please talk to friends in the PDX area (preferably Oregon side, and not too far out there). No dogs, friendly felines okay. I’d prefer a spare/guest room. 

I’d prefer to not uproot again before moving into our (Portia and myself) own space again. But for reasons I won’t discuss publicly, I may have to. This is a “maybe/maybe not” thing right now. 

If I get this job, I’m looking at a month from now at the minimum. The only way (I can think of) to speed it up is have my initial costs raised via crowdfunding or a charity. 

If you’re the praying type, pray that I get this job and that it pays really well. 

And yes, I still urgently need to continue raising funds for storage. Please help me get caught up and get the $600-700 needed to get back in. If I get this job, I’m going to need the rest of my clothes! PP or YouCaring are fine, but for expediency, PP is way better. 

Every bit helps. I’ve been battling combo migraine/tension headaches the last couple of days, including right now. I’m pretty much useless at the moment… and I need to write a paper due Monday. 

So, I’m asking locals or folks with local trustworthy friends to see if there’s a bit of space for me and my dorky old cat. Just temporarily. Can help around the residence. 

And asking for help to save storage. Nearly everything I own is in there.




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