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4/11: PayPal and stuff like #crowdfunding

So, a kindly anonymous person who donated via my YouCaring campaign let me know that the PayPal link wasn’t working… now, I redid all that stuff on the sidebar. I set that aside for a bit, dealt with a horrendous customer service person who couldn’t enunciate to save her life (here’s one hint: when your job is talking on the phone, slow the fuck down and speak as clearly as possible) for half an hour and got -surprise- NOWHERE! Then I headed downstairs and made dinner. Came back up and was ready to see what the deal was.

Sure enough, the html was all borked… but it’s now fixed. And yes, I still desperately need help to cover storage.

The interview I had today went well. The job incorporates several things I love doing, so I hope I get it.

Well, my knee certainly wasn’t too happy by the time I got home. On one hand, I want the pain to go away, but on the other hand, I want to still keep it utterly irritated because my appt with the Sports Therapy doc is next week… just so he can examine my knee while it’s hurting…

This…. this is the boring daily stuff…

Oh, and apparently there was a shooting at one of the MAX stops the guy from my previous post went past…. don’t know if it was him, but if it was, that was a closer call than I’d like to admit.




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