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3/11: Anger and Society

Today, on my ride home from my interview, there was a guy on one of the trains who was angry. The MAX around here can be rather interesting. Just between those two trains, I came across people already drinking alcohol (public intoxication gets you in the drunk tank here), tourists, and a lot of in between. This guy, though. He stood out. He was on the same platform as I was and sat down across from me, but facing the rest of the train (I was facing the windows). Even before he got on, while still on the platform, his walk, his stance, his face, everything was pure anger.

At what, I don’t know. At one point, he balled up one hand and punched his other palm… then after someone else got on at the other end of the train car, he got up looking like he was gonna go after this other guy, but my guess is that he realized it wasn’t the person he thought it was, so he sat back down.

Why so much anger? I don’t have the answer to that. I can’t read minds. I’m only an Empath. And his emotions were palpable.

It got me thinking about my own anger about things in my life and society. Sure there are people I dislike, maybe even hate, but to hold so much anger that your body changes to show it in every move, every glance, even standing still. Or sitting. I don’t hate that strongly. I may shout at the world in anger over societal issues or something really fucking stupid that someone public said that’s disrespectful of history and people (Spicer, I’m looking at your sorry ass).

I swear a lot. I vent my frustrations in therapy and online. But I try to also look at all of it as something to learn from. Every day, we wake up with the chance to learn from what we experience. Not everyone sees that chance. But this is why I blog. I am a writer. I love using the written word to help me understand why things happen. Writing is my art form. Sometimes I’m messy at it, but that’s what editing is for (the blog is mostly stream-of-consciousness, though).

I try to not walk around angry. Every so often, it happens. We all have those days (don’t deny it, you know you do). But the lesson comes in how we deal with that anger. I write. Others draw or paint. Others are more violent. I wish they weren’t. I think society could get a lot more done without so much hate and anger and violence.

But that’s just my opinion.




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