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3/10: Random Monday Things (& #crowdfunding, of course)

A few random things… (still need help to save my stuff in storage)

Latest round of financial pain: School. Really now? So, I withdrew from my classes (except the one I’m finishing the incomplete for)… and financial aid altered my reward… to where I now owe the school almost 5K. Add that to the nearly 3K I owe the management company for legal fees and repairs, etc… and then needing to catch up on storage… and hand over money to other smaller creditors…. I’m looking at damn close to 10K in debt (which doesn’t even include financial aid for completed terms, that’s over 100K, just in case you were curious).

The fun of buying makeup on a next-to-nothing-budget: I checked my bank balances (my computer was misbehaving, so it took me a while) and found I have a whopping 50 cents in my checking account and had $4.90 in my PP account. Why do I need to buy any makeup? Well, I have this interview tomorrow which is a super-huge-masssively big deal for me. I checked my toiletries bag, which is where I tend to put this stuff when “traveling” (or, in this case, moving around and homeless). I have blush…. I have two lipsticks, both way too close in color to each other… one or two lip balms… but no eyeliner. I’m not a huge makeup person. While I should go “full face” for an interview, that sure as hell isn’t how I’ll look day to day… eyeliner and lip gloss/balm… at the most. Hey, I don’t still look like a 20-something by doing nothi- wait. that’s exactly what I do… pretty much nothing. I don’t have some lengthy skin routine, I do get zits still, and no, my skin isn’t perfect… but I’m 44 and can pass for someone in her late 20’s.

Well, I couldn’t find my favorite eyeliner. I thought I’d stashed it with my “carry with me” stuff, but it isn’t here. Off I went to get a few groceries and some eyeliner. Food stamps cover the food just fine… but they don’t cover eyeliner. Had to stay roughly $4… I settled on one that was black-brown for $2. I don’t like the drier liner pencils, but me and liquid eyeliner don’t do well unless I’m using it for cosplay… and even then, it’s a battle. I like the softer pencils, preferably in more of a solid brown (my eyes are blue-grey)… but the black-brown and a solid black were all they had of the softer pencil… ah well.

Then I got home… rested a bit… remembered eyeliner. Looked in both bags… shit… then looked in the one I have next to my chair again. The packaging was upright, not laying down like I thought it would be… I don’t have to go back and look like a jackass for a $2 eyeliner. Considering I know that makeup is one of the biggest shoplifted items because they’re small packages, I really don’t want to go there. So all is good.

Nice things today: On my way to the grocery store (Freddie’s, for those in the PNW), I saw an eagle along with a few other birds having some kind of fuss over the various trees. Now I totally want to take my camera out there with the zoom lens and try to catch a few pics of them.

On my way back, the rain was starting up and I struggled a little with my granny cart and cane (because of my knee, I’ve been using it whenever I venture outside). At my last street crossing, a neighbor who had just pulled out of her driveway rolled down her window and asked if I needed help or a ride. I declined because I had half a block to go. It was nice to know that some people notice things like that. This particular intersection doesn’t have ramps on the curb corners… so I have to tilt the cart back and roll it up the side of the curb. When you have only one hand to do this, it’s a little more difficult, but I managed.

Then the hail started. At least they weren’t huge like the ones a friend in Texas got that damaged her roof. Still, being pelted by hail when you’re just trying to walk home is never fun (unless you’re 6 and don’t have anything to carry).

I may have more later…. not sure yet. Maybe a poem.




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