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4/7: #crowdfunding, Dragon, and Asexuality

Obligatory Crowdfunding Blurb: Still don’t have funds for storage. Remember, I vacated my apartment and just about everything I own is in that unit. I owe just about $600 now and if I don’t pay soon, it’ll get set for auction next month.

Dragon Got Bitchy: So, yesterday was a bit of a hellish day. Not only did we get some wargame bullshit with P45 (State Dept told Russia, Russia told Syria. Base was fairly emptied out by the time the missiles launched… so, wargame bullshit. Does P45 know that Russia is backing Assad????????), but I got to deal with a major asshole on a public post about Asexuality from a page on FB. I’m very up front and vocal about my asexuality, and this douchenozzle was trying to mansplain (using a two line definition) MY OWN DAMN SEXUALITY TO ME! Once I started feeling like a broken record, I screencapped it, reported and blocked the asshole. Others have since come to my defense and are pouncing on him with this little thing called LOGIC.

Since I’m ‘out’ and proud as fuck all about being asexual, I do my civic duty to explain it to people. Some just don’t get it. This asshole is likely one of those jackasses like I’ve met face to face who think it’s about SEX and that they’re the one to magically fix me by fucking me. Guess fucking what? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!! Here, let me explain it in simple terms. If you still don’t get it, crawl back under your rock and stay there.

~Sexuality is not about the ACT of sex; it is about ATTRACTION.~

*Homosexuals (Gays and Lesbians): Sexually attracted to the SAME gender as they are.

Heterosexuals: Sexually attracted to the “opposite” gender.

(So many to list… Here’s a link)

Asexuals: NO (or very little) sexual attraction to any gender.

Now, there are also ROMANTIC ORIENTATIONS. If I listed these, your head would likely go all ‘splody (this might be a good thing if you haven’t procreated yet… keeps you out of the gene pool), so the link for that one is two lines up…. proceed with extreme caution.

This is a good general definition list. Nowhere NEAR complete, but for those who have no clue, it’s a start.

Questions I see a LOT:

  • Do asexuals masturbate? Some of us yes. Many of us have libidos of varying levels of activity.
  • Do asexuals have sex? Well, duh. Yes. Libido does not define our sexuality. Many of us can get aroused… just not necessarily when thinking of or looking at other people.
  • Before you ask THAT question, NO, we cannot reproduce by ourselves… if we could, we’d likely take over this fucking planet.
  • Most other questions can be resolved by going to AVEN’s website.

If, after ALL of that, you still don’t have a motherfucking clue, leave a comment (they’re moderated, so I’ll see it before I potentially approve it). Be polite, or I’ll block your ass. Dragons don’t need to be nice. Piss us off and you become tomorrow’s dinner: Fried Idiot.


*I use the term Homosexual to denote the difference in prefix to Heterosexual.



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