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3/6: #Crowdfunding to Keep My Belongings

I know most who read this already know I’m essentially homeless. While Portia and I are safe at a friend’s house for the time being, 98% of my belongings are in a storage unit that costs me $280 a month. I’m behind on March and am now also technically late for April. So, roughly $600 and change is needed to get my storage back and accessible. I’m still waiting on the $150 from one friend, but that won’t cover it. I have nothing really to sell off of my own that I can access and am able/willing to sell.

So, here I am asking once again… an almost daily occurrence. I am also once again plagued by another %$$#$#^$$ cold. I’ve broken at least my own personal record of number of colds within XX amount of time. This is my third in 5 months. But back to crowdfunding.

I’ll keep it short this time. I have at least one other blog post stewing in my head, and it keeps running into the headache/tooth pain that is also NOT helping with the cold.

I need to get it paid ASAP before they cut the lock and list it for auction for next month. So, any and all help is appreciated. PP is fastest, but the YC is fine. It just takes a small percentage (the transfer service does). Whether you can donate or not, please do share.




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