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3/4: Grad School and #crowdfunding

#Crowdfunding First: Still need to get storage caught up. While some people may dismiss this is “oh, it’s just some stuff in her storage unit” … let me catch you up on a few things: My current 8×20 storage unit is holding ALL my furniture, most of my clothes and fabric, electronics, and many, MANY other things from when I was evicted. About 98% of my life is in that locked up unit I can’t access. This isn’t a few boxes of garage sale crap… this is my life. My books, music, electric piano, furniture, fabric, clothes, shoes, costumes… you name it.

I just happen to also be unemployed and trying to find work (but have some good ones that may yield a job… don’t wanna jinx it). Hence needing help. I need roughly $600 to cover March and late fees and April. Rent is $280/mo. I would prefer using Paypal as that’s immediate for me (debit card attached to it).

Grad School Update: I have withdrawn from this semester. I need to talk to one professor to see what I can do to at least pass the class as I took an incomplete on it last term and if I don’t do something this term, it becomes an F, and I’m borderline B- average GPA. I am at 3.01 cumulative. I need to pass that class somehow. I’ll email her in the morning when I’ve had coffee to boost my courage.

The other part… my intent was to get the MLIS and Certificate in Archives. My advisor, who I met with today, is concerned about my health and stress levels and let me in on a little secret. If I spend two years in an archiving job (one of the possible leads has aspects to it), I can take the same SAA certification test I’d take after getting the grad certificate. THAT’S the thing that matters, not the school certificate.

So if I can get this retake class passed before the end of term and then do my capstone this summer (I’d pay out of pocket, as it’s 1 credit, and financial aid requires 5 credits per term. If I get this one job, I might be able to swing it), I will have my MLIS with an concentration¬†on Archives.

Yes, I’ve planned/hoped/aimed for getting the certificate as well. It was that one extra little nudge. But I need to be done. Wrapped up, bow on it, a hat tip to my dad up in heaven, and start moving forward with the degree I’ve wanted for a long time. A degree I shouldn’t be getting. I wasn’t expected to finish high school… let alone think of college. But here I am, finishing up my Masters.

Mine hasn’t been an easy path, but I’m getting there. One step at a time.




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