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3/3: Another shameless #crowdfunding post

(photo caption: “She’s behind me, isn’t she?” RIP JoJo. It’s been 2 months today.)


It’s Monday, I’m pretty sure I slept last night, but I’m not sure. I know Portia kept alternating between wanting to sleep ON me or being sprawled across the foot of the twin size bed to keep me from stretching my legs out.

Another shameless crowdfunding post. I’m sure people would prefer to use YouCaring to send money, or have me set up another GFM. But both of those, in one form or another, take a percentage out. They all do. YC doesn’t directly, but the money transfer system they use does. If people want receipts for tax purposes and do use my preferred system of, let me know and I can write up a receipt for you to include all donations you’ve sent. Not sure if these donations are the kind you can get deductions for…

Anywhooo…. Still nothing for storage yet. And now that I’m into April, it’s almost $600 for March and April. In the one post on the 1st, I think I outlined the costs from both months. I cannot access my storage now. I pushed it to the brink on March 15th when getting stuff out of the apartment, but it’s been on lockdown since. I can’t put anything in or get anything out. And I need to get a couple pairs of shoes out…. and a few other things.

One friend is sending $150 as soon as it’s available to him, but they likely won’t take any partial payments at this point. They might. But I kinda need to have the funds to give it to them. I have a few things I got free from a friend this weekend that should go INTO storage as well, as I’m trying to keep my on-hand stuff to a minimum (but that lantern, silk shirt, and wine box were just too nice to pass up… and… oh, you don’t wanna know, especially if you end up as my future downstairs neighbors).

So, small miracles are requested. Larger miracles would be cool too… as they could go to future costs… but lots of smaller miracles. One thing I’ve also noticed: when a campaign like this is shared frequently, it gets more attention. I share and post about it, but friends may share once or twice, a few do share posts when they see them and more often (a couple a week or so), but the more eyeballs on this, the better.

If you really, truly insist on YouCaring, I won’t stop you. I may need to fix the link. Just keep in mind that WePay (their bank transfer system) takes a 3.something %…

I’ll go look at the link now. I may have to create my own “buttons” for YC and such… and as long as the computer behaves, I can do that.





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