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4/1: More Musing on School (& #crowdfunding)

CROWDFUNDING PART: So I’m now into April and need to scrounge up the $306 ($280+fees) for March storage and now another $280 for April rent. There is nothing I can sell off, as 98% of my belongings are IN storage where I can’t get to them.

March: $306
April: $280
$586 to storage

I will be getting $150 from one friend, and another sent $20. But I’m still desperate to get it all caught up and paid for. Please share this blog and help me get the word out there… every bit helps. I’ll blog at least once a day and share updates as I have them. I do prefer using PP as it’s MUCH faster and no fees.

GRAD SCHOOL: I’ve mused on this off and on since I began. A lot of things have happened in my life since starting school in August of 2014. My dad dying, leaving a crappy job that was killing me, getting sick over and over, losing JoJo, and then the eviction.

But I don’t give up. I refuse to give up. I am not walking away from school. I’ve come too far. I’m the one who should never have finished high school.

But I did.

Associate’s Degree? Did it. Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in Music? Did it. Almost completing a second BA in Theater Tech (undergrad loans capped out).

I’ve gone further in my education than anyone, even myself, expected. I’m not giving up.

I just have to get other shit together in my life and go a little slower. I hate slowing down. But I’m not 22 years old. As much as I hate the idea, backing off from the remainder of this term to focus on getting my basic life stuff back together (job, own place again, etc) is what I believe needs to happen.

I just hate slowing down.




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