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3/30: School and my Mental Health

I have mentioned in the last few days that the next big hurdle to deal with in figuring my shit out, other than job hunting and such, is salvaging my grad school education. This should have been my last semester. Hell, really, LAST semester was supposed to be the last, but I was deep into my depression and this fog I couldn’t nail down. I got through one class but had to take an incomplete for the other one. Thus continuing this term.

Then the eviction happened and JoJo dying happened…. and all my normal life stuff just came to a screeching halt. I had to deal with court stuff, move my stuff into a larger storage unit and then cram as much of my stuff in the apartment into the same 8×20 unit (still need funds), and mourn my beloved JoJo, and find a job, and find a place to stay, and deal with medical stuff… and… and … and.

Now, I’m job hunting. Slowly dealing with the normal life stuff. I left a voicemail for my advisor that I would be near her office yesterday and I needed to figure out what to do with my schooling. She called me from home and left a voicemail for me (ringer was on silent). I can take W’s on everything and not get hit too badly… deadline is next Wednesday. I hate doing it, but my mental and physical health has been teetering on the edge. Colds, infections, my back injury flaring up really bad, knee getting messed up again… mentally and emotionally, I’m still in Survival Mode. I still feel disconnected from my own life.

I’ll take a few days to figure it out. I hate having to keep going. But for my own sanity and well-being, I think I have to.




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