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3/29: Begging post… #crowdfunding

[Derpy Portia. Sorry for it not being perfectly focused. I think she was in the middle of grooming her mane.]

It’s late and my back and knee are killing me right now. I have two days after tonight to come up with the rest of March rent for storage… as of Saturday, the amount owed will double as I’ll also have to pay for April rent of $280 as well as the $306 right now. This is everything I own. I have half of this month’s funds coming Friday, but still need the other half. Any bit will do. I do suggest at this point to use the link (which is now working…. dammit. I had no idea. Sorry) in the sidebar. I have some cleaning up to do on this site… but that one should be working now. That’s still a new-ish thing they’re doing.

I’ll write more tomorrow, but also have other things to get done…




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