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3/28: Random Things & #crowdfunding

So, I swore I’d write a post today… I should be writing more than one, but I’m drawing a blank on solid stuff to write about at the moment. Yes, I still need to come up with the remainder of the funds for catching up on storage. Cat food is handled for now… with one cat, a small bag is just easier and less chance of the food getting stale and all.

Crowdfunding: I have half promised to me for March rent. Out of $306, still need 150-ish. PP is fastest, but if you insist, use the YouCaring link. I’m also at a point where, since Zipcar didn’t pull my payment in time, I now owe them $83 or so and if not paid, my account is frozen. Then there’s my base entertainment survival: Netflix Streaming… and the hosting for my websites… and lots of little things that add up. Any little extra is greatly appreciated.

Job hunting: Applied for two more jobs today. I’m not AS keen on them, but if they called me in for an interview, I’d be happy. I have to randomly pick which listing site to use each day. Such as Indeed. That one can go maybe twice a week. If I check it more often, I see a LOT of redundancies. Same goes for LinkedIn and Mac’s List. Craigslist is getting skeezier and skeezier by the day. I check that one every so often, but I’m getting less and less impressed.

The Little Things: My anxiety and stress show in various ways. One physical manifestation is my nails. I pick at them until they’re down to the nail bed. Since the whole process of the eviction, even through moving things to storage, I found this odd feeling of letting go. I looked down at my hands two weeks ago and noticed that 6 out of 10 fingernails were growing out considerably. My whole right hand and the thumbnail on my left. Now the middle and ring fingers on my left hand are starting to get longer as well. It’s been a long time, years I think, since I’ve been able to keep my nails a bit longer like this. It’s weird. Having to use a *gasp* nail file again to shape them… it’s almost like relearning an old trick. They aren’t SUPER long, but they are noticeable when typing even on the computer…

I’m sure there’s a second blog subject to emerge later… I had some text for one that started as my email to New Balance about a style of shoe they no longer make. My old ones are pretty close to dead at this point. They did respond today. Apparently Easy Spirit has several styles that are similar. I’m still of the mindset of “eewww… Easy Spirit is for old people,” but the black on black suede ones come close to something I’d like… AND they also do Narrow width… do you fucking KNOW how hard it is to find Narrow width shoes??? And if you saw my teeny little bony feet, you’d know… trust me, you’d know. I may be a convert yet. Now to just scrounge up the money for them.

I’m getting a little more vocal about one thing in my life. The insanity of the last few months has pulled me away from my schooling. This, above most other aspects of recent events, has bugged me the most. I have a feeling I’m past the point of no return for salvaging this semester… but I’m also afraid to open up my email and see what’s going on. As my life has taken this crazy detour, the things in my life that are part of my future goals have been inadvertently pushed aside. Namely schooling. When your focus is on survival, things like school just take a massive hit. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is.




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