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3/26: Obligamatory Shameless Begging Post #crowdfunding

As we near the end of March, I’m really in need of getting storage paid for… and more cat food. A new (covered) litter box as well… that’s on the Amazon wishlist. Not the cat food, though… I have some cans, but kibble is dangerously low. And that’s what she mostly eats. Especially right now with no easy access to water (baby gates still up so she’s sequestered and I don’t have a water source in the room).

  • 1 3lb bag of Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea is roughly $14

Then there’s storage. Imagine you were stuck between living situations of your own, or some other issue, and had to put nearly everything you own into a storage unit. This is everything. Now, presumably, you might have a decent enough job where you can cover the rent on said storage. I don’t. Not yet. Hopefully soon.

  • Storage: 8×20 space packed almost to the hilt with my clothes, furniture, fabric, two older laptops, pantry/kitchen stuff, fabric, sewing and embroidery machines, etc, etc… replacing all of that would be a bitch.
    • Cost: $280 + late fees.

I’ve been applying to jobs, and the way things are, many places don’t respond for weeks, if not months (if at all). Which is frustrating for someone like me in a situation where I’m between homes, need to have my own space, and feel like I can’t get anywhere. I appreciate my friends stepping up and helping in different ways, but I do need my own space. Just me and Portia.

I’ll go update the YouCaring campaign as well…

~Amanda and Portia (*featured pic is an early one from about a year after I adopted her. One of her first times on my lap)



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