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3/24: I am the Turnip (#crowdfunding?)

I’ve waited about 48 hours to write this because I had to let the frustration wear off… well, some of it at least.

I will assume most people who end up reading this are familiar with the phrase “You can’t get blood from a turnip.” For those who haven’t, it basically means that you can try to get something out of a person or something else, but it’s pretty much impossible because the person has nothing to give that you’re trying to get. It’s usually used, that I’ve seen, in financial situations. Such as my newest one.

The exact amount will very likely change, but from the eviction and stuff, I now owe roughly $3000 to the management company. 1/3 of that is lawyer fees. The rest of it is back rent and other stuff. It’s those other things that will likely change from the statement I have to the final statement of what I owe.

Now, they have said I can work out a payment plan. That’s all hunky-dory… except I still don’t have a job. I’ve been applying, even had one interview (don’t think I got it at this point), but I don’t have the funds to buy more dry cat food or pay storage… yes, I still need to pay that. And since I’m down to one feline from two, I can get away with a smaller bag of kibble… but it’s still money I don’t have. (I have gotten food stamps back, but they won’t buy cat food)

Once I DO get work, I need to save up to get into my own place ASAP. Having someone want to take a chunk of what will likely be a meager paycheck to begin with hurts a LOT.

But first order of business is getting more cat food and storage paid for this month… About $300 or so ($280 plus late fees) for storage and less than $20 for cat food.

A 10lb bag is about $24, but that’s a lot for one cat to go through. Despite it being a sealed food container for cat food, it can get stale and then we have food returning the way it came. Not something I want to deal with while being a houseguest. A 3 or 4 lb bag of the same stuff is about $13 or so.

I need to get storage paid before the end of the month… and yes, I’m well aware that April is coming up fast… It would be nice to have enough for that as well, but I’ll take what I can get. I just need access to organize it more and be able to reach the rest of my clothes and shoes…. among other things.

The bill from the management company reminds me of when I had to file bankruptcy for medical bills. I had about $60K in medical bills from one week-long hospital stay and then during a gap in insurance when I fractured my kneecap a year later. Most of it from the hospital stay. I had creditors calling me left and right for money I didn’t have. No blood in this turnip then either.

I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I can try to crowdfund it, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath for people to throw 3K at me. Right now, I’d be bouncing off the walls at $350 to cover storage and cat food. I’m not sure where they expect me to get the 3K.

I’ll figure it out somehow…




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