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3/17: St Patrick’s Day AND St. Gertrude’s Day

Since I don’t think I have any Irish in my bloodlines (there very well may be some, since my ancestors spent a fair amount of time in the British Isles), I’m going with St. Gertrude’s Day, who is the Patron Saint of Cats. My kinda saint.

If I were back in Chicago right now, I’d have gone, or be going to, the annual Gaelic Storm show. But I’m in Portland, and having a mellow evening tormenting my cat will have to do. It’s Friday. The prelude to the weekend.

The weekend where I have to move on from where I’m currently staying due to apartment management rules about guests only being here two weeks. I have a back-up, but they have other shorter-term house guests coming and going over the next month or so, making things a little awkward for my situation. Sooooo…. yeah. Not the absolute most ideal situation, but they’ve said if it’s their house or the streets, it’s their house. But again, awkward stuff… so it might be better to find space elsewhere…. if possible.

My apartment is as emptied out by my hands (and help of friends) as possible and they are now in the process of clearing out the last of it and will let me know of the total I owe them with the eviction, etc…. and let’s be clear on this part: the eviction, although it technically is one, is not on my record.

Now the fun of shifting to a new space begins. Starting this evening (because I have little energy right now), I’ll go through the stuff here and decide what I absolutely must have with me. Another friend will stash the rest of it for a bit until I can get back into storage. Which I can’t until it’s paid for the month (280+late fees). Help?

If I had the coinage (or my food stamps back), I’d so be on board with making some Corned Beef and Cabbage…. I do love making it. But the stores overprice the Corned Beef at this time, so it would take the last bit of what I have to get just the cut of meat. Oh well.

Nothing profound today… at least not right now.




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