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3/13: Crazy Tuesday Looms

Two things I need the most right now: Funds to pay for storage (just under $300, but have about $60 right now) and nailing down where I’m going to stay next. So please share posts, spread the word… [no dogs, cats are okay, near transit, in PDX area on OR side, etc]

I’ve still heard nothing via those who have spread the word about me needing a new place to stay. So I’m reaching out more… still… tomorrow is going to go be super fast (likely) and I won’t be around online much. I’m emptying the last of my stuff from the apartment, running it to storage early afternoon, then going to my job interview, then hopefully heading back up to storage to retrieve a couple of things and organize things a bit if they let me.

The good thing with tomorrow is that I called today about being allowed to put the stuff from the apartment into the storage unit I have. They’ll unlock the code for me to do that. Since I’m not paid up for the month, I have to ask in advance. The other place (PS are their initials) will gouge you. I was going to rent another unit at a PS for the month, just so I could get the last of the stuff out of the apartment tomorrow and have somewhere to put the boxes and excess stuff I have here. But upon putting a hold on a unit, this is what I found:

  • As advertised: First month of storage rent is $1.
  • “Oh, by the way, there’s an administrative fee of $24.”
  • “You’re required to buy our renter’s insurance that will run around $8-12/month.”
  • You have to buy one of our locks. They cost $20.”

Now, here’s the thing with those locks… it’s the same kind as I use at my current unit. I paid about $13 for it there. And PS is charging $20? Fuck that.

The “Rent for the first month for only $1!” is absolute, complete and total bullshit.

That’s when I called my current place where I have an 8×20 unit nearly packed full. Even though I’m behind for the month on rent, they’ll unlock my code for me to put my stuff in there.


I do need to get it paid up, though. So any and all help is greatly, massively appreciated. When 98% of my life is locked away and inaccessible, it’s frustrating.

Cross some fingers, light some candles, say prayers… whatever you wish… I’d love to get this job right now. I’ll still likely need supplemental work to cover the rest of the stuff in my life. But it’s a damn good start.




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