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3/11: Crowdfunding & Looking For A Space

This post will be more crowdfunding/call for help than anything else…. I think. So please share around with your PDX area friends. I’d prefer to stay on the Oregon side of the river as I’m on transit and need timely transportation.

We’re going to try pushing the two weeks here into a couple days extra based on me not really having the ability to transport myself and my stuff to a new location… so in one week, I need a new place to stay for a bit. No dogs, due to Portia, preferably someplace where I can close the door and have a bit of privacy, but I’ll take what I can get as long as Portia is avidly kept indoors. She’s a curious little feline.

I still need to come up with funds for storage ($280 plus late fees). I realized that since I’m borrowing a sleeping bag right now, I’m going to need to get into storage to get my own before moving on to my next place…. unless there’s a guest room with a bed… which I doubt I’ll get. Granted, I’m going to a gathering tonight where there are people I know from cons and maybe I can get my next space that way….. who knows.

So I *may* have an interview this coming week. Income from it would barely cover (after taxes) rent at that building I’ve been contemplating… if there’s still one available. It’s PT, but has potential (although not to go FT… non-profit and all). I’ll find out shortly enough if I pass the second round to get an interview. I’ve applied to jobs… although most companies seem to recognize that the market is VERY much in their favor so they take their own sweet-ass time with responses, if they even bother with responding. Yes, I’ve gotten bitter about the job hunt. Can ya tell? I do keep it fairly civil, but I find it disrespectful that we don’t even get a form letter rejections email. Hell, even publishers and SF magazines have those and they get constant submissions.

Anyway, I have things to go tackle… Spread the word, talk to friends in the area… Any help is greatly appreciated.




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