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3/8: Trying to not go Full Dragon

-standard “help me save my stuff!” blurb about storage. Also looking at trying to nail down another space starting next week-

Job hunting…. the ups and downs…. and the downs are getting to me today. I did finally find one to apply for as part of my “apply to one job a day minimum” I started last night after yesterday’s frustration of trying to find two to apply for.

Today’s frustration came from the results of a search on a general website whose name starts with an ‘I’ not the ‘M’ that most of us have come to loathe over the years due to it being swamped with garbage listings and a lot of military recruiting… I’m a little past their expiration date for those. Besides, my back alone with disqualify me.

So, I entered the job title I was thinking of… not ______ manager, but ______ assistant… one has to work their way up to manager. I got a swarm of “assistant” EVERYTHING IN THE DAMN WORLD!! listings. Even retail. Which I can no longer do. Too much pain, too many old injuries piled up. I think I even saw a call center job on that page…. *sigh* the quickest way to seeing me desire firing a real weapon is putting me in a cubicle farm with a headset harassing people over the phone. And I never wish to pick up a real gun again, thank you very much (there was one moment many, MANY years ago where I held one flat in the palm of my hand). I prefer my steel sharp and pointy.

Anywhoooo… I went back up and removed “assistant” from the search box and found at least one…. not the first one I clicked on, though. That one was also rather laughable. You list the job as being in Portland…. okay. It’s actually a 3-month contract job in PHILLY!!! No mention anywhere of it being a remote job.


Dragon mode emerging… then I find the other one and apply for it. It actually sounds right up my alley. The hard part is that many companies take a long time to bother responding, if they bother at all.

Which comes to a bugaboo of mine. Rejection emails. These do not take forever. You can have stock phrasing… hell, I’ve seen those with stock/generic wording. Just BCC all the rejects and hit send. Letting job seekers know within a reasonable amount of time is respectful and respectable. Leaving us hanging is NOT cool and I know I’ll remember how disrespectful you as a company were. If you have one or two HR people, you likely have the ability to do this… hell, bring in a temp for one day to do those. I don’t care… just respect the time and effort seekers have put in to applying to your company.

So, I’m borderline Dragon right now. Some of the other listings, even without the word I took out, involve real estate and such… like, no, that is not what I was looking for, thank you very much.




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