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3/8: Mish-mash of things & #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding: All funds that have been donated have been depleted. But storage needs to be paid. Soon. Very soon. The very storage unit I crammed 95% of my life and household into. Rent is $280 and has a late fee attached bringing it closer to $300. I also should get a monthly pass for transit, which is $28 for us HC people.

Things accomplished today so far

  • I put in the call earlier to request a letter that should help with my food stamps.
  • Applied for one decent job.*
  • Ate something substantial (trust me, this is an effort)
  • Have not taken a nap

Not much today… but slowly making progress.

*- The “one decent job” thing. Okay, I can’t do retail anymore. Any job where I’m standing for long or sitting for super long is out. But here’s the problem: most general job sites have very little that I can apply for. Regional or Job Type specific sites don’t have a lot coming in. Checking those once or twice a week is about all I get. Most of the agencies I’ve attempted to get in with just don’t have anything or completely ignore me. So it depends on the day. Found one on CL today. Tomorrow maybe LinkedIn or Indeed… I never know.




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